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      First offers on the new Xiaomi Redmi Airdots S: Xiaomi’s low-cost headphones drop to just € 16

Kim Diaz



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There are certain Xiaomi products that despite not having been officially announced in our country, gradually succeed thanks to the fact that they can be bought in Asian stores. Some of them even make the jump unofficially to stores like Amazon or PcComponentes, just what has happened with the Airdots, their low cost headphones.

These helmets now have a new edition, the Airdots S, which improve connectivity, autonomy and especially ease of use. Not only that, but they are still quite cheap, as proof that you can buy them right now for just 16.64 euros on Gearbest.

These True Wireless earbuds are the upgraded version of Airdots. They have bluetooth 5.0 and about 4-5 hours of autonomy.

This Asian store practically leaves them at the same price as the Airdots, the previous version, so without a doubt it is worth much more to bet on the most modern.

If you want to buy these cheap wireless headphones from Xiaomi, today is the best option on the table, and that is that Spanish distributors do not yet have them available.

You will have to wait a few weeks for them to arrive, as usually happens with purchases from stores in China, but the wait will be worth it since when they finally arrive in Spain their price will not drop below 20 euros, as has happened with the Airdots, which continue being noticeably more expensive.

The improvements, as we have already mentioned, are quite a lot, although externally their aesthetic appearance is identical to that of the Redmi Airdots that have been selling for thousands worldwide for months.

One of the most important qualitative leaps is that now there is no need to link the two helmets before linking the right to the mobile phone, but the two are linked separately to your smartphone, something that helps a lot at first and especially makes things easier if you lose one and you have to buy a spare.

For less than € 16 or even less than € 20 it is difficult to find better bluetooth headphones than Xiaomi Airdots, hence its success.

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