Forgotten pioneers: the first car with a GPS navigator

Human beings quickly get used to the good. It seems to us that we have been using a iPhone or a tablet for life, but they are devices that did not exist 15 years ago. We can’t imagine life without the Internet, but it wasn’t commercially available until just 30 years ago. Something similar happens with GPS. Today it seems to us something common to see it in cars, but 10 years ago it was a rarity. However, in 1990 there was already a forgotten pioneer: the first car with GPS.

The logical thing would be to think that the first vehicle with a satellite navigator was North American, since they were the ones who developed GPS. Or perhaps European, because Mercedes, Volkswagen, Renault and company have always remained at the forefront of technology. But no, the first car with GPS was Japanese, of a brand that has disappeared today. As our partner Raul Salinas from Top Gear tells us, his name was Eunos Cosmo.

Eunos was the luxury car brand of the Japanese manufacturer Mazda on the Japanese market. He used it between 1989 and 1996. The Eunos Cosmo It was commercialized in 1990, and among its various global innovations it stood out above all else. your GPS navigator:

The Eunos Cosmo used a three-satellite system to triangulate your position, which showed on a map on a touch screen and in full color located on the dashboard. Basically the same system that we use today, 30 years later.

The screen was not only used for GPS. It was also used to control the mobile phone and the climate control, and could display television or music from the CD and radio. Eunos Cosmo was also a pioneer in car infotainment systems. Today it seems somewhat trivial, but then it was a concept close to science fiction.

It was not the only innovation in this fascinating vehicle. Used a strange engine with three rotors, and it was only sold with automatic gears, something unthinkable at that time.

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The Eunos Cosmo It was manufactured between 1990 and 1995, and only 8,875 units were sold. Curiously, it has appeared in several video games, such as SEGA GT and Gran Turismo.

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