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Google blocks a Xiaomi app because of privacy concerns

Craig Smith



If you are on Android, you might have come across Google Play Protect. The Redmi and Xiaomi branded phones have a surprise from Google today. The Play Protect functionality has blocked a Xiaomi app and is not allowing the installation of an update to the app. 

Xioami’s Quick Apps is the affected app, and Play Protect has flagged it. The reason for blocking the Quick Apps was the compromise of user security and safety. Here is the warning shown by Google Play Protect when you attempt to install the Quick Apps update – “This app can collect data that could be used to track you.”

Data tracking has been one of the serious concerns that can severely affect you and your data in a more negative way. There is no exact reason available as to why Google Play Protect has decided to pull the brakes on Quick Apps. We presume the latest update of the app may have violated one or the other norms put forward by Play Protect. 

If you have checked Quick Apps from Xiaomi, you would be astonished to find that it has over 55 system-level permissions. In fact, it can even install apps on your phone without your permission – though it hasn’t been reported to have resorted to such a task so far. 

Xiaomi was quick enough with its update about the same after the issue was reported on Twitter by several Xiaomi and Redmi users. The full statement of the update reads, “We’re aware of the update concerning one of our system apps called Quick Apps. Some users may get a notification that this app has been blocked by Google Play Protect. We are in touch with Google regarding this, and it is likely happening due to a revision in Google Play Protect’s algorithm. Rest assured that this system app is absolutely safe”. 

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