Google Play could bring back updated app notifications

If you are one of the users who miss the notifications from Google Play that warn you of the applications that have been updated in the background, we have good news for you: they could return to your mobile very soon.

The Mountain View company removed these notifications from the Google Play Store at the end of 2019. Since this change was not initially reported, many users initially thought it was a mistake, but later Google confirmed that it was completely intentional and that the Notifications of updated apps on Android had come to an end.

This movement aroused opposite reactions in users. Many applauded him, as the notifications are annoying on many occasions. But many others also complained, since without this notice they could not know at a glance which apps had been updated in the background.

So much so that third-party applications such as AppNotifier emerged whose mission is to send a notification every time an app has been updated.

It seems that Google has changed its mind and is retracing its own steps. This is stated by Android Police, where they have published a report accompanied by screenshots where you can see the notifications of updated Google Play applications.

Specifically, the captures have been sent by a user who runs Play Store version 20.7.16-all [0] [PR] 317546459 on a Pixel 3a with Android 11 Beta 1 installed. You can see how they look in the image that we leave you below.

In their report, Android Police points out that they have not been able to replicate these notifications on their devices despite using the same settings as this user, indicating that this is a server-side change.

Thus, At the moment there is nothing confirmed, as it could be a limited Google test that does not reach all users. So now we just have to wait to see if finally the notifications of the updated apps return to Android or if, on the contrary, those who want to see them should continue to use third-party applications.

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