Google Says, Android 12 Will Make Using Third-Party App Stores Easier

Google Says, Android 12 Will Make Using Third-Party App Stores Easier

Google recently made an announcement in which the tech giant said that Android 12 will make using third-party app stores easy.

The company is planning to introduce a new change. This decision is been taken alongside a clarity which is released by Google particularly for Playstore’s payments policy.

It is reported that Google came to this new decision as a response to all the tussle that is going on with Epic Games. Both the companies are in a legal battle because of the cut charged by Google for purchases made through Playstore.

On 14th August, Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, slapped a case on Google and Apple for removing their game from their mobile app stores.

Apple has made it clear that iPhone users have only one app store to download and install apps from. But Google, on the other hand, has permitted third-party app stores to reach Android users. This decision will be expanded further in the new Android 12 release.

Google said that they have received feedback from developers. The upcoming Android version will come with some new changes which will allow users to access other third-party app stores easily. However, they will take precautions to make sure that the safety of the device is not compromised in the process.

The company has also stated that they are not going to follow the model laid down by Apple as they have only one app store to download all ios apps. Google said that they have always allowed users to download apps from multiple other stores and this time they are going to make the process easier.

Google said that this openness will allow developers to distribute their apps on android platforms even if they do not agree with Google. This is why users can access Fortnite from Epic’s store and other app stores.

At the same time, the company also made it clear that developers who agree with Google Play will have to follow the updated policy by the company.

Just so you know the new changes don’t introduce any relaxation to the already existing in-app payments. 

In response to the question asked by Epic Games, Google said their policies are equal for everyone who agrees to distribute apps on Google Play. This is also applicable to their in-house apps. The company said that they use the same standards to determine which apps to promote on the app store


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