Google will not reopen its offices in the United States until September 7

Google had the intention of starting its own de-escalation in July, but the reality of the pandemic in the United States has made it very difficult. The internet giant has decided keep your employees at home for two more months and leaves its offices closed until after the summer.

Google, owned by Alphabet Inc, has confirmed that its offices in the United States will remain deserted until the 7th of September in view of the fact that the number of infections and deaths continue to grow in the country. Chris Rackow, Vice President of Global Security, Google, considers that the recent increase in coronavirus cases in the US shows that “the COVID-19 is still very much alive

The company had set its return to normality for July 6, when its offices were scheduled to receive the first 10% of total employees, a figure that would gradually increase to 30% if conditions allowed. However, they had to send an email to all the employees asking them keep them working from home until September.

Working from home is a good measure of work-life balance, but it can also become an ordeal if you don’t know the right tools.

For everyone who works from home, keep doing it unless your manager tells you otherwise.“Rackow explained in the internal mail.”We do not expect this guide to change until Monday, September 7, at the earliest.

This decision demonstrates the difficult situation in which the country finds itself. During the month of June cases of people with coronavirus doubled in up to 14 states like California, Florida and Texas, according to data published by Reuters. Additionally, 21 states have shown a positive test rate above the level that the World Health Organization has indicated as dangerous.

This has caused some of the states to back down and not want to open their economies, keeping their citizens in quarantine. Reuters picks up the warnings of the authorities that assure that, although wearing masks in public has been recommendedIt is common to see people under 35 at bars, parties and all kinds of activities without using masks. The President of the United States himself, Donald Trump refuses to use it, receiving complaints from a large part of the country’s political community.

Before the 129,000 deaths in the country And the constant growth of infections, not only has Google been forced to keep its offices closed, Apple has also closed its stores after opening them.

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