“Haven” Season 1 to 5 Will Leave Netflix In January 2021

“Haven”, the Syfy series happens to be all set to depart from Netflix with its overwhelming five seasons. There are so many TV shows that are going to leave Netflix in January 2021.

But among the numerous titles is the popular series, “Haven” which leaves the streaming giant. All five seasons of the series will depart from Netflix US on 15th January 2021.

In its amazing journey of running from 2010 through 2015, “Haven” happens to get immense popularity. You must know that the science fiction series is loosely based on the Stephen King story.

If you did manage to watch all the five seasons of “Haven” then you will understand it. The series has such an interesting and exciting story plot that keeps getting more interesting with each season passing by.

The series is successful enough to release a total of 78 episodes with a great amount of viewership. There is a large number of viewers as well as series lovers who are waiting for the next part of the series. But now, most fans are sad as the series is leaving the streaming platform. The series premiere on Syfy in the US while it airs on Showcase in Canada.

As soon as “Haven” will depart from Netflix US, there will only be a few Syfy shows. The series did feature Emily Rose, Adam Copeland, Eric Balfour, and Johns Dunsworth. All the fans must make sure to watch all the episodes of “Haven” before 15th January 2021.

Which Platform Will “Haven” Choose Once It Leaves Netflix?

Well, it is surely unclear and uncertain to know where the series will be available to stream once it departs from Netflix US. Entertainment One, the series distributor will be more likely to put the series on Auction for other streaming platforms.

It seems like NBCUniversal may try to get the license back for the “Haven” series. So that the series may stream on its new streaming service, Peacock.

Are you upset to know all 5 seasons of “Haven” will be leaving Netflix US in January 2021? Comment below!!


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