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His Dark Materials Episode 4 Review: Armour

Andy Sanders



This His Dark Materials Episode 4 overview accommodates spoilers. It initially appeared on checkersaga UK.

If the cautious foundation-laying of the primary three episodes had left you feeling in any respect distanced from or annoyed by this story, then “Armour”’s right here to yank you into a large bear hug and encompass you with enjoyable, motion, pleasure and promise. This was essentially the most gratifying and accessible episode but. 

With the uncluttered, clear-cut plot of a videogame degree (meet mystical gatekeeper, resolve riddle, obtain magical object, recruit allies, unlock achievement), a ticking clock due to the spy fly gadget, and the introduction of a few welcome archetypes (the rascal adventurer and the down-on-his-luck warrior), it was an entertaining hour of ahead momentum. Lyra solved issues and cast alliances whereas the grown-ups  dwelt on their pasts and contemplated her function sooner or later warfare. 

The alethiometer – till now a weighty query mark – additionally got here into its personal as a magical engine driving the characters onwards to the subsequent factor, and the subsequent.

The very subsequent factor is a four-day hike north to Bolvangar (aka The Station aka The Fields of Evil) to rescue the stolen kids. With a fast-talking aeronaut and a legendary fighter for whom “warfare is the ocean he swims in and the air he breathes,” Lyra and the Gyptians are higher geared up than they have been once they docked in Trollesund. Progress!

It’s becoming that the episode informed the story of Iorek gaining his freedom as a result of this episode felt freer than the others. Its predecessors having finished the onerous work of explaining ideas like daemons, alethiometers and Lyra’s origin, this one was in a position to get on with the enjoyable. Now that the gang’s all collectively, issues can actually get cracking, and so they did. Admirable and spectacular and thought-provoking because it’s all been to this point, this was the purpose at which the collection actually took off and flew.  

Talking of flying, the arrival of Texan Lee Scoresby introduced with it a welcome sense of lightness and agility. Like Lyra and Roger’s race over the rooftops in episode one, his scenes have been untethered from the seriousness and gloom anchoring every part else. His singing introduction (as a result of should you rent Lin Manuel Miranda, author of the most popular musicals round, you give him a tune) set a completely new tone – heat and uninhibited as an alternative of ominous and weighty. And after the unhappy creepiness of Mrs Coulter’s tousled relationship along with her daemon (is there something sadder than her batting away its hand throughout their Magisterium go to?) and all of the peril elsewhere, watching Lee and Hester harmonising on a ditty was loveliness itself. Between that and Hester’s commentary on the bar punch-up, the companionship supplied by the human/daemon relationship has by no means been clearer, or extra enviable.

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Miranda describes his character as “a bit of bit the Han Solo of this collection” and it’s simple to see why. He’s a fast-talking, law-bending, pilot for rent with a furry companion, and he is aware of his method round a bar struggle. Likeable, humorous, good-hearted and fully non-sinister, what he brings to the adults of His Dark Materials is a much-needed ingredient. Full marks for casting too.

Full marks additionally to Iorek Byrnison’s creators at Framestore. As a CG creation, he has heft and substance and feels irrefutably current within the atmosphere (particularly when was crashing round its corners, sending all of it flying in that rage-filled race to retrieve his armour). Work as expert as that may’t have come low cost and, within the phrases of Lee Scoresby, neither ought to it. You get gold for gold. 

Rather more essential although, is the heft and substance Iorek has as a personality. Voiced by Joe Tandberg, his self-hating unhappy story evoked simply as a lot pathos as Farder Coram’s tragic story, and his journey from disgrace to delight to mercy this episode made his each look compelling. 

Directed by Otto Bathurst (the director who in collection one set the template for the ultra-stylish Peaky Blinders), “Armour” wasn’t simply stuffed with plot motion, however literal motion. Dialogue unspooled between characters who have been busily doing issues – strolling, consuming, altering garments … Nothing was static, which introduced Trolleslund as a location to life.  

The Magisterium opened up as a location too, displaying us spectacular scale, extra of the stooped, reptilian Cardinal, and introducing Fra Pavel’s alethiometer-reading room. Two questions have been requested of Fra Pavel – he of the filthy predilections – this episode. From Boreal, how can he uncover what Grumann sought; and from Mrs Coulter, who’s Lyra Belacqua? 

She’s Mrs Coulter’s daughter, for a begin. Each mom and baby this episode confirmed an uncannily related expertise for manipulation. Mrs Coulter performed the ace up her sleeve with the Magisterium and flattered the useless armoured bear King Iofur to do her bidding. Like The Jungle E-book’s King Louie, he aspires to the trimmings of humanity (and in Lord Asriel has coincidentally trapped a human.) Lyra too, performed her hand superbly towards Lee Scoresby, Iorek, even Lord Fa (“He’s been mistreated and tricked, similar to the Gyptians have been, all the time. He’s virtually Gyptian, similar to I’m.”). 

Mrs Coulter isn’t the one one with questions on Lyra. Physician Lanselius eyed her energy greedily, and Farder Coram suspects that she’s the topic of a prophesy – hardly ever excellent news. As for the viewers, after on this week’s present of bravery, quick-thinking, chutzpah and empathy, we all know precisely who Lyra Belacqua is: the woman’s our hero. 

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