Hold on: this is what Netflix premieres in July for its entire catalog

The fact that it is summer does not mean that the number of premieres on Netflix will be reduced and in July you will be able to enjoy a large number of series and movies that will be added to its catalog.

Netflix values ​​the month of July as the time to offer some of your most powerful products, mostly with a clear focus on fantastic, superhero and action themes. Not only will the new season of The Umbrella Academy arrive, but also a series as unclassifiable as The Warrior Nun.

In the cinematographic section we will have a score of premieres among which stands out the adaptation of an action comic: The Old Guard. But they have also chosen to upload films known to all that succeed whenever they are broadcast on television, such as Total Challenge or Life imprisonment.

If you want to know what’s going to be released on Netflix in the coming weeksHere you have all the information and the dates they will arrive.

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The warrior nun, The Umbrella Academy and other series

The last day of July will be released The new season of a series of superheroes that succeeds despite not being from Marvel: The Umbrella Academy. Captained by the character of Ellen Page, this new season raises a formula that promises to drive us a little crazy with the trip to the city of Dallas in the 70s and his mission to avoid the apocalypse. It is not necessary to go to Disney + to see this type of series.

Another of the great releases of the month is The warrior nun. It has an approach that has left no one indifferent and the promise of blood, demons and thick humor. With a Spanish cast, it is still unknown if we are facing a series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something more similar to a hooligan movie by Sam Raimi.

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All July series

  • BNA (T1) – June 30
  • Boy Bun Bun: a handyman monkey (T2) – July 1
  • Cleo & Cuquin (T2) – July 1
  • Deadwind (T2) – July 1
  • Wild district (T3) – July 1
  • iZombie (T5) – July 1
  • Unsolved mysteries (T1) – July 1
  • Teen Titans Go! (T5) – July 1
  • The warrior nun (T1) – July 2
  • The mystical terrace (T2) – July 2
  • The Kangaroo club (T1) – July 3
  • Ju-On: Origins (T1) – July 3
  • Survival kit. Tested (T1) – July 3
  • The Cable Girls (T3) – July 3
  • Hook (T1) – July 4
  • The Underclass (T1) – July 5
  • The collapse of Japan: 2020 (T1) – July 9
  • Hakan: The Protector (T4) – July 9
  • From appointment to appointment: Brazil (T1) – July 10
  • Hello ninja (T3) – July 10
  • The amazing adventures of Captain Underpants in space (T1) – July 10
  • Skin change: Before and after (T1) – July 15
  • Dark desire (T1) – July 15
  • Indian matchmaking (T1) – July 16
  • The challenge of the kiss (T1) – July 17
  • Damn (T1) – July 17
  • How to sell drugs online (at full speed) (T2) – July 21
  • Love on the autistic spectrum (T1) – July 22
  • Signs (T1) – July 22
  • Good girls (T3) – July 26
  • Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege (T1) – July 30
  • The Umbrella Academy (T2) – July 31

The old guard and other film releases

In the cinematographic aspect, one of the most striking novelties is The Old Guard, adaptation of a comic by Greg Rucka, screenwriter very experienced in mystery stories. With Charlize Theron as protagonist and one of the protectors of the EarthThis movie brings us a confrontation between groups of immortal mercenaries. As one can imagine, there will be action and more action for everyone’s taste.

July movies on Netflix

  • Under Riccione’s sun – 1st of July
  • Life imprisonment – 1st of July
  • Total challenge – 1st of July
  • The first knight – 1st of July
  • Ouija: The origin of evil – 1st of July
  • Project: Troll Hunter – 1st of July
  • Terminator 2: The Last Judgment – 1st of July
  • You, me and now … Dupree – 1st of July
  • Twister – 1st of July
  • Catch that email – 3rd of July
  • Robin Hood – July 5th
  • The old guard – July 10th
  • Infidels – July 15
  • A fatal slip – July 16th
  • Milf – July 16th
  • My first kiss 2 – July 24
  • Offering to the storm – July 24
  • Larva – Adventures on the island. The movie – July 23th
  • Animal crackers – July 23th
  • Venom – July 25
  • Hater – July 29
  • Solterísima – July 31st

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