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      How to circulate legally by car, motorcycle, taxi, VTC … during de-escalation and avoid fines

Kim Diaz



We are all a little lost with phase changes and regulations that are created based on the reality that is shaped by the coronavirus crisis. Given the impossibility of foreseeing the changes that are taking place, contagions or the investigations regarding COVID-19, we are seeing how it varies every so often, such as circulation limitations.

We will collect how can you travel right now, according to the information that the DGT has been adding in recent days. Although the first thing, before going on private trips, it should be noted that masks that cover the nose and mouth must be used in public transport.

It should be clarified that in buses where there is an obligation to travel seated, Only people living together may travel in adjacent seats. If this is not the case, the adjacent seat must be left empty to avoid any kind of contact with strangers. In urban travel, the maximum possible distance and take up half the seats.

Traveling by car: do the occupants live together?

In order not to expose themselves, many are opting for a car trip. There is not no limitation between people living at the same address, in which case no masks will be required. But if not, they will have to put on masks and they will not be able to go more than two people per row of seats, always keeping the maximum possible distance.

Traveling by taxi and VTC: always a mask

In taxis and VTC all occupants must wear a mask and no more than two people will be allowed per seat row. If possible, it is best for passengers to ride in the back seat.

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Traveling on a motorcycle and moped: take gloves into account

In the case of motorcycles and mopeds, the passenger must always wear gloves. Driver and passenger must follow the same rule as with the car, if they live at the same address, no more will be needed, but otherwise they must be covered with a full face mask or helmet with visor. It will not be necessary to carry both.

In case it is a vehicle shared use or rental, the use of gloves is mandatory.

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