How To Fix A Disabled Iphone?

How To Fix A Disabled iPhone?

iPhone, which is disabled, could be helpful when it comes to its usage. iPhone gets disabled mainly when you try to use an incorrect sim, then your iPhone will get locked, and a password will be asked. To unlock it, you must have that password. The process of fixing an iPhone depends upon the number of days left for SIM activation.

If there are 10-15 days left for PUK code or SIM activation, you can solve the problem by visiting nearest the  AT&T Center other; use if there are less than 10-15 days left for PUK code or SIM activation, then this article might help you out. Follow all these steps correctly to fix a disabled iPhone quickly.

The first step which needs to be followed is a visit to the nearest AT&T center and asking for a PUK code. This might cost you around $15-$20; however, there is no other way to fix a disabled iPhone, so this step should not be missed. In case if you don’t have an AT&T sim, then go for the next step, which I will explain below.

The second step which needs to be followed is a purchase of an AT&T Go Phone sim from Walmart or any other outlet near you as these SIMs are accepted worldwide without any problem and cost only about $3-4, which comes with a new number inside it.

Once you get your PUK code to follow all the steps mentioned below to iPhone successfully:

You first insert the AT&T Go Phone sim on your iPhone and wait for about 3 minutes to activate it. Once you see a message as “SIM activation complete,” then restart your iPhone. Now turn on wi-fi on your iPhone and start it with iTunes by inserting the currently active SIM’s number to Identify your phone.

Turn off wi-fi after this step and insert the $15-$20 AT&T sim inside your iPhone. Your iPhone is successfully unlocked now and will work fine even if you Insert any other sim inside it.

In case if you don’t have an extra micro sim of AT&T, then insert a standard size SIM into the original Micro sim adapter you received with your previous Sim. Please take out your original Micro Sim and insert it once again into the adapter carefully. Now, Put this entire thing inside your iPhone’s micro sim slot slowly, and you will be able to use it.

Now that, You have successfully unlocked your disabled iPhone so enjoy it till you get an original AT&T sim; otherwise, there is no need to worry at all because the unlocking process is straightforward, as explained above, so if you follow these simple steps correctly, then there is nothing which can stop you from using your phone anywhere in the world without any problem even if it’s disabled or locked with some password.

All I can suggest is for everyone reading this article to try these few steps first before visiting any service center like ATT etc.

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