How To Fix A Relationship?

How To Fix A Relationship?

A couple of months ago, I had a problem with my boyfriend. Around three years back, when he was in his college 3rd year, he got physical by mistake with another girl studying in the same school.

He didn’t know that she was involved with someone else, and they both were on the way to breaking up. By chance, he found this out while spending time together without knowing each other past some days after getting physically.

Then she started hating him and wanted revenge. Hence, she dragged him into court for rape which went for almost one year, then they both came to an agreement which included dropping all charges, no reply on messages or calls from either side, destroying any proofs//videos, etc. of what happened, and she tried to harm him with complaints.

Also, whenever they meet in college or society, they will ignore each other like strangers (which happened a maximum of 4 times in these three years). And after completing college and getting a good job, he moved away from there.

But two months back, she started liking his posts on Facebook (he never accepted her friend request), commenting on his posts, tagging him in photos, etc. I wouldn’t say I liked this and reminded him about what happened three years back.

We fought so much over this matter because he said it doesn’t concern me what he does with other girls after we got physically…I was so upset, and he got even more upset. He said to me, “how can you trust me now? now everything will be different between us”.

How to fix a relationship you ruined:

1. DON’T talk to each other for a week. If you so much as send them an iMessage saying “I’m sorry” or even type their name into the search bar, you need to restart this whole process because clearly nothing has sunken in yet.

2. Attempt to contact your ex after they’ve read this guide and failed; keep insisting that you two are meant for each other and that no one else will ever understand you like they do (this part may take some time).

Keep doing this until they block your number/Facebook account/email address, etcetera, or threaten to call the police if you come within 500 meters of them. If this happens, switch tactics by finding something they hate (usually their current boyfriend) and claiming you are better for them.

3. Try to contact your ex again once they have started to move on. If this fails, make sure your next relationship is with someone who looks almost identical to them (preferably the same eye color).

This will be hard because let’s face it, no one can replace your crazy ex, but there has got to be someone out there that’s similar enough that they think it’s them! Once you’ve done that, tell rumors that you’re getting back together with your actual ex. 4. Repeat step three over and over until you either get back together or die trying.

There you have it. This guide has been designed to help you get back with your ex, even if they’re in a new relationship and refusing to acknowledge your existence (and let’s face it, you barely deserve them anyway, but that’s not the point).

Remember that there are plenty more fish in the sea; or at least there will be once we’ve hunted down and destroyed every last one of them (make sure your ex sees this comment on their Facebook wall: it will make them realize what they’re missing out on because apparently nothing screams romance like animal genocide).

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