How To Fix A Stuffy Nose?

How To Fix A Stuffy Nose?

One of the most common health problems that usually affects people is a blockage in nasal passages. A stuffy nose can be annoying when it occurs during sleep and when trying to breathe.

The stuffy nose also called a blocked nose, is not just an ordinary condition that blocks our breathing itself but mostly involves some other issues including pain in the face, headache, runny nose , ear ache or toothache, bad breath and so on.

It’s quite obvious since they all originate from one source- nasal passage. The good news is there are remedies which you can utilize at home for unblocking your stuffy nose . You can even try out some natural ways for unblocking a stuffy nose within minutes only.

Here are some useful ways for how to fix a stuffy nose at home:

Steam inhalation:

One of the most effective remedies for unblocking your blocked nose is steam inhalation. All you have to do is boil an amount of water in the pot and place the head over it. You can lower your face closer to the pot so that breathing becomes easier or raise your head above it for inhaling.

The steam should be inhaled into your nostrils slowly for 5 minutes only, then take out your face from near to hot surface. Repeat this process twice daily till you get rid of blockage in nasal passages . It’s one of the popular methods used all over the world by people who are suffering from cold, flu or constipation.


Gargling is also known as one of the easiest ways for how to fix a stuffy nose . All you have to do is fill about half cup water in a glass and add some salt into it. Then, take out your face from this glass after placing your head over it and gargle with this water for 3-4 times.

Make sure that you don’t swallow the salty water while gargling, spit it out completely. Repeat this process twice daily till you get rid of the stuffiness from nasal passage. Salt cleanses out all impurities from blocked nasal passages thus resolving all symptoms related to sinusitis . In addition, saline solution also safeguards our throat from bacterial/viral infections which can be caused by the accumulation of mucus in nasal passages.

How to clear blocked sinuses:

Sinuses are cavities, which are found behind the cheekbones, forehead and eyes of human skull. The space present in these cavities is known as sinuses. There is a thin wall present between the nose and the sinus cavity which makes these two different spaces.

The mucous membrane lining of nose helps to trap dust particles before they enter inside the body through breathing process. But when there is cold or flu present in respiratory system then this protection gets decreased by that time more number of dust particles enters inside the body directly through nose which results into infection of sinuses also called as Sinusitis .

Sinus Infections:

Since the mucous membrane’s ability to fight against bacteria decreases due to cold, flu etc., it allows the bacteria present in nose to grow inside the sinus cavity. This results into sinus infection usually accompanied with stuffy nose, facial pain and headache.

Sinusitis is caused by some common cold viruses which are spread easily from one person to other on air so it is advisable not to share drinks , food items etc. with others until 48 hours of recovery from flu or cold . It can be said that Sinusitis is a result of maximum people’s negligence regarding prevention of diseases.

Constant blocked nose but no cold:

This is an interesting fact that when a person has blocked nose but no cold then it could be the reason for Sinusitis . It means that in such type of situation if you don’t cure sinuses and take proper treatment then there is a risk that in future, your sinuses might get affected with other disease like flu or common cold.

People usually feel unattended and ignored in such kind of trouble due to which they ignore this issue by taking help from over the counter medicines which gives only temporary relief. But ignoring this problem might results into some complicated issues like tooth ache , migraine etc.,

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