How To Fix Chipped Paint On Car?

How To Fix Chipped Paint On Car?

There are times when we want to change the look of our car. We may decide to use a different color than the present one, or maybe even remove some parts and replace them with new ones. The problem is that doing this will make your car look outdated, which you might not want at all.

One way around this dilemma is to fix the damage only on the spots where you plan to change. This can be done by retouching those areas using automotive paints. This will require special skills though if you do not have any experience in it, hiring a professional for this task should do much better.

1) Sand down the paint :

The first step would be to take out all that chipped paint and sand it down. Once that is done, you will realize the part has become shiny and smooth compared to before. Use a clean piece of sandpaper to do this job for the best results.

2) Get an automotive primer :

The next step would be to apply an auto primer on those spots to create a solid base before applying the paint on it. Apply two coats of this substance with about 20 minutes in between them for proper drying up.

3) Use automotive paint :

As soon as that process is done, it’s time for you to use your automotive spray paints. These will contain unique materials which will give your car a brand new look without making it seem like it is anything but a fresh coat of paint.

4) Apply more coats :

Each time you put some paint on the vehicle, make sure it is done in several light coats instead of one thick layer. If you want to save yourself some work, then simply get a spray gun and use that for applying these multiple layers quickly.

5) Clear car paint coating :

When you think your job’s all done, there’s another step that needs attention. Make sure to apply clear car paint coating to give your auto body a glossy sheen that will appear fantastic enough not to be noticed by anyone looking at the car straight into its eyes. Now sit back and relax with a cool drink because you deserve it.

Paint chip repair cost:

Is repairing paint chips on your car a critical issue to you? It may not seem like it is, but if you want the good looks of your car’s exterior to stay that way, then you need to get into a habit of taking care of any paint chips immediately after they happen.

This will keep them from popping up later when fixing them might be more expensive.   Paint chip repair cost typically ranges between $50 and $100 per chip, depending on where you live. Repairing all of the paint chips on your vehicle can get very expensive. However, there are some things that you can do yourself without spending exorbitant amounts of money having a body shop fix them for you.

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