How To Fix Garbage Disposal?

How To Fix Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal is a device under the sink that shreds food into pieces that are small enough to pass through your drain. Garbage Disposal can become clogged with food, debris, and even insects from the drain.

Food items such as banana peels, celery, potato peels, and cantaloupe seeds will cause a problem in the garbage disposer. You may fix this garbage disposal with simple steps in a few easy steps. Here are some tips on repairing a broken garbage disposal lock ring with ease at home.

Steps :

1)First of all, turn off the power switch before removing any part from under the sink or behind the wastepaper basket. Keep in mind you should never stick your hand in the garbage disposal.

2)Use an adjustable wrench to remove the mounting bolt at the bottom of your garbage disposal unit beneath your sink. Once you have removed the hardware, pull out your garbage disposal. Now check underneath for additional mounting bolts and remove them with an adjustable wrench.

After removing all nuts, pull off the whole disposer from the sink mount. Be sure to hold onto it when doing this step because there might be some electrical wires attached to it that you don’t want to rip off with force when pulling out the garbage disposal unit.

Note :

If you cannot find any screws or nuts on your disposer model under your sink, look around on top of it for a small hole where you can insert a small screwdriver in it. With this method, these types of garbage disposers can be easily removed.

3) Now, remove the mounting ring where the unit was previously attached beneath your sink to locate any broken or cracked parts that might need replacing. You should see a metallic/silver ring around the opening of the drain, and there may also be some screws on either side of it holding it down too.

Note :

If you don’t find anything on top of the unit, look inside for those screws as they hold this metal ring onto its mount. Using an adjustable wrench and pliers, first, try taking out those capped screws on either side of the metal ring and see if they’re just stuck or if they’re broken since that would be an easy fix.

If the screws need to be replaced, remove them and use your best judgment to figure out what size screw you will need for this application.

If these screws are not broken and still hold the metal ring in place, then you can try unscrewing it by hand since it should just pop right off if they’re not all stuck down. Keep in mind that the tabs may break when trying to remove this part, but if that’s the case, they can most likely be glued back together with epoxy or some other adhesive.

However, if there is a lot of gunk built up around it from food particles or from being clogged for an extended period, you might want to replace it instead of just trying to clean it up.

4) Now that the metal ring is removed, look inside your garbage disposal drain for any other parts that may need replacing. If you find any broken pieces like a cracked sink baffle or any large chunks of food stuck in-between the blades, then fishing them out might be easier with right-angled electrical pliers.

Note :

This step will require removing your P-trap (if you can grab hold of it without much trouble). If this proves to be impossible, then take the whole unit back out and replace whatever’s broken down inside before putting it back in place under your sink again. Just make sure that when you put the new part(s) in to avoid getting too much junk in there while putting it back in.

5) Now that you have assembled a new part(s), place the metal ring underneath the garbage disposal, so the little “teeth” on it are facing down towards your sink bowl. Put some plumber’s putty around it, maybe a half-inch thick, and press the metal ring back into place, ensuring it is centered evenly to avoid any leaking later on.

Note :

Make sure not to get any putty inside your drain because this might cause gunk build-up over time, which means you will have to take out your P-trap again and clean out whatever mess was created from putting too much putty in. There…

6) Now attach the whole unit back to your sink mount while holding it with one hand and putting the nuts back on by hand first before tightening down any of them to make sure none are cross-threaded.

Note :

If you find a nut already loose or off-center, then tighten it down slowly using an adjustable wrench for this step. This might happen if something was missing when you took apart your disposer, so double-check everything before screwing in any other bolts into place…

7) After all the nuts are tightened, turn on your garbage disposal switch to see if it’s working correctly. Also, note that running water through your P-trap while flushing out debris from inside should pretty much remove any gunk built up in there from the new parts you just installed.

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