How To Fix Mushy Rice?

How To Fix Mushy Rice?

When there is a problem with Rice, you will not get the same results every time. There are many reasons which cause this.

so I am here to tell you how to fix it :

1) if your Rice is a little undercooked, add more water and keep cooking. It will become smooth in some not add too much water …just enough to cook it well(secondary method)

2 )if half-cooked or fully cooked, no need to add any extra water; just put a drop of oil in the cooker and switch on for 1 minute. this will make Rice a little sticky but friendly…(primary method)

3)the third one is straightforward, put a drop of ghee or oil, heat it up, and then add the cooked Rice and fry for 5 to 10 minutes, mixing continuously with a spoon or spatula. this will make your Rice very good, smooth, and delicious. (reheat method)

How to fix hard-boiled eggs:

if you overcook your egg or have any problem with eggshells, it becomes challenging to remove the shell. so it is better to use older eggs, but still, this is how you can fix it:-

1)put hot water in a bowl and put all the eggs in it, cover with a lid and keep it aside for 15 minutes .then after that easy way out ..peel them and enjoy without any hassle..( primary method)

2 )add a little salt and put the eggs in a pot of boiling water. after 2 minutes, take them out and run under cold water .leave them for 5 to 10 minutes .peel them now ..( secondary method)

3 )put the hard-boiled eggs in a bowl with a bit of salt, pepper powder, and oil. Mix it up nicely and keep aside for half an hour .now peel easily. (reheat method)

How to fix mushy Rice in the Microwave:

You can fix mushy Rice in Microwave by following simple tips and tricks. It is easy to cook, but it becomes soggy and mushy like porridge, which tastes not good after a few minutes.

Here we will share the tricks on fixing it when you don’t want to throw away your beautiful Rice. These are very helpful when you have guests coming over, and you need perfect Rice in a minute and don’t know how to make it so! Well, here we go:

-First of all, add water according to rice quantity. You don’t want to overcook the things which make them mushy. So look at the measurement carefully! Then add salt, butter or olive oil, etc., for taste. Now stir it well.

– Then microwaves it for 2 min. Now it is ready to eat! But still, if you are not happy with the taste, cook it again in micro with a slight amount of water or milk, salt, and butter. (be careful that time will vary according to your microwave oven settings.


1- First of all, take a pan to add some oil. Add Rice. After heating the oil till it’s hot, add turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala. When the raw smell goes off, add water when you see half-cooked Rice put on the stove until they are done.

2- add ghee/oil when serving it hot & A glass full of curd while having lunch/dinner it makes you healthy do a head massage with coconut oil & a bowl full of milk for a month if regularly your hair will be black.

3- We all know that Rice is a widespread food we eat every day. Everyone has different tastes, some like pulao, fried Rice, etc., but how many like mushy Rice? No one as this tastes bad and soggy after microwaving. But still, to make it edible, here are the simple tricks I’m going to tell you which make everyone’s life easier.

4- First, take a microwave-safe dish. Add Rice first; then, water mix it well until the water covers the upper layer of Rice. Now Microwave is 3 minutes on a high power level. If you want it more crispy, cook it for one minute at a high power level.

5- After that, take out Rice from the Microwave, let it cool down then transfer them into a serving bowl. Here is the trick just before eating: Microwave it again for 1minute with a bit of milk/water, butter, and salt to taste it’s ready to eat. I’m sure you will like this way of cooking Rice.

6- One last thing, if you want cold Rice, you do Microwave at medium or 30% power for 2 minutes. After cooling down, store them in the refrigerator. They are good to eat cold.

7- If you see your Rice becoming dry instead of mushy after heating up, then it means there is no water added when cooking. Here is how to add little water while cooking them with salt and oil/butter.

8- If you see your Rice becoming mushy after heating up, then it means there is too much water added when cooking. Here is how you can cook them on semi-boiled water or boil them in a pressure cooker for one whistle.

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