How To Fix Ph Balance?

How To Fix Ph Balance?

1. check the ph balance of your body before taking any medicine because sometimes, due to our diet, our pH level is not stable, so that poison will start its effect at a fast speed.

2. people who are detoxified have low ph levels because they can’t digest food properly, so avoid them from acid from food.

3. during fever also body ph levels become low. That’s why drink a lot of water to make yourself hydrated and take Vitamin B&C supplements.

4. if you have an acidity problem, include lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, beetroot in your diet one or two times a week instead of synthetic medication. Always remember it’s an artificial product because these things are natural. There won’t be any side effects.

5. you should try to include raw veggies and raw fruits in your diet because it contains high ph levels and low-calorie food, which will help you lose weight fast without doing heavy exercise.

6. if you are suffering from a cold, avoid eating heavy stuff like cheese, butter, and cream. Take more vegetables like spinach, cabbage, french beans, carrots, cauliflower, etc.…

7. Pregnant women should not eat anything they want, even if it’s healthy. Still, because body ph balance is changing rapidly, the medicine may sometimes show the effect on the baby, so better stay away from acid from food to keep yourself and your baby safe.

8. vegetarian people have many problems because they can’t digest protein properly! So avoid them from acid from food and take more green vegetables.

9. avoid hot drinks like coffee, tea, or anything that contains caffeine because it will increase stomach acid secretion, which affects your body ph level, so gradually reduce the intake of such things.

10. if you are suffering from joint pain, then avoid eating vegetable oil, cheese, butter, etc.…and also stop using soap for cleaning your body because they all contain high-fat contents; by eating healthy food one day, you will realize that all your joint pain is gone!

11. after 45 years, people become weak and lazy and won’t exercise regularly, nor do they make their diet plans, but it’s not a matter you can do it with some risk! Start making your diet plan and include vitamin supplements in it.

12. you can also try natural medicine they are many in the market containing natural ingredients, so side effects are nothing to worry about!

13. not all illness needs to be because of low ph level. There are few, but if you have this problem, go to any homeopathic doctor who will guide you on living healthy with proper diet plans!

14. always remember your body is a gift, don’t take it for granted !! Even if you start eating the wrong kinds of stuff, don’t sit and cry over that. Do something for yourself! Begin little by taking care of food first because we eat first, then everything else follows!

Natural remedies to restore ph balance:

Do you have a problem with your ph balance? Are you looking for some remedies to restore the ph balance in your body? Here we will discuss the 33 best natural remedies for restoring the body’s ph depending on different foods and conditions of the human body.

The ph of the human body:

The ph scale is a scale that measures a number from 0 to 14 which how acidic, or alkaline something is..the 7 points on this scale are considered neutral..the lower numbers indicate acidity while higher numbers indicate alkalinity…examples of mild acid would be orange juice, lemon juice, vinegar, grapefruit juice all things that come directly from fruits and vegetables but if you look at battery fluid it would be very high in Ph ..and examples of alkalinity would be bleach, lye, Draino all hazardous substances.

The human body is designed to have a Ph of 7.365, which means slightly alkaline. The best way to determine your ph is through spit into a spoon, then dip it into some baking soda, and watch what happens…if your body is too acidic, you will see fizzling ..and if it is alkaline, the baking soda will bubble up over the side of the spoon.

Symptoms of unbalanced ph levels:


tooth decay


Weight gain or loss, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, heart problems, stroke, etc..all because of unbalanced ph levels in the body.

So have a balanced diet that contains alkalizing foods and acidic foods ..and it will help you to maintain a healthy ph balance.

Alkaline food:

foods that contain alkaline are vegetables and fruits..most alkaline fruits would be lemon, citrus fruits, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe melon raspberries…alkalizing vegetables includes spinach, green beans, romaine lettuce, cabbage broccoli, cauliflower celery cucumber, carrots radish sprouts..when eating these foods make sure they are not cooked or heated more than medium rare..heat destroys enzymes in the food which are necessary for proper digestion of the foods.

Acidic foods are meat, bread, pasta, dairy products, eggs, nuts, and seeds ..again, make sure they are not overcooked because you will destroy enzymes…these enzymes help break down proteins which again is difficult on the digestive system.

So what you want to do to keep your ph in check is eat alkalizing foods in the morning when breakfast and lunch but save dinner for acidic foods like fish, poultry turkey, goat beef lamb shrimp scallops, lobster oatmeal (oatmeal contains minimal ph), sweet potatoes, rice beans, etc. If you can’t avoid acidic, always have calcium carbonate and magnesium supplements to alkaline your system.

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