How To Fix Scratched Glasses?

How To Fix Scratched Glasses?

Scratched glasses and eyeglasses happen all the time. From cleaning them to placing them in a case, many things can cause scratches on your unique eyewear. They can be caused by something as simple as dropping them onto the counter to as complicated as dropping them onto concrete from 100 feet high!

While some scratches may be merely annoying, others could potentially diminish how well you’re able to see through your lenses. So if you have scratched glasses – don’t panic – because here are some tips that will help you fix those eyesores:

1.)The first method I would recommend is using toothpaste. No, not that kind of toothpaste – the other kind… Glasses cleaner! But don’t use any old glass cleaner – buy a dedicated glasses cleaner and follow the directions on the bottle.

Anyway – put a little bit of the cleaning solution onto your finger and rub it onto the scratch in small circles. Do this for about two minutes and then rinse and wipe dry (with a lint-free cloth) to see if that has done anything to help fix the scratch.

2.)If you don’t feel like buying an eyeglasses cleaner, you can always try any old household cream – like body lotion or hand moisturizer that is rubbed into the lens. The problem with this method is that it could worsen by adding more scratches because it’s not explicitly designed for use on eyewear. But if you’re very careful, go ahead and try it.

3.)Teabags can help remove scratches from your glasses, though this may take a while to work. Tea contains tannic acid, which people mean when they say that tea can stain teeth or damage fabric.

You will need to use a reasonably strong tea for best results – black tea should be fine, but green tea could also do the trick. All you have to do is place the tea bag on each of your lenses and leave them there for a few hours or overnight before removing and wiping clean with a damp cloth. This not only helps release the scratches but leaves behind an anti-bacterial coating after it has been cleaned off!

4.)A mixture of toothpaste and baking soda is suitable for polishing lenses and removing scratches. Add the baking soda to the toothpaste until you get a paste-like consistency, then apply it to your glasses with a cotton swab. Buff slowly in small circles around all of your lenses, making sure not to miss any spots!

5.)One more thing you can try is make-up remover or lighter fluid! Yes, seriously – these things work wonders (for some people).

This method entails applying either liquid to your glasses and gently rubbing it into the scratch using a soft cloth. After two minutes, rinse with water and wipe dry after completing this process. For best results, I would recommend repeating this three times within ten days of each other (that should do the trick).

6.)You can also use a pencil eraser to help remove scratches – this is the most common and well-known method of fixing scratched glasses. This works by simply rubbing an ordinary pencil eraser (the pink or gray kind, not the white ones) over the scratch several times until it’s gone. You might have to rub pretty hard to get rid of deep scratches, though – be careful, don’t push too hard!

7.)One last thing I would highly recommend trying is sandpaper or steel wool if you have no other options. Though this sounds crazy because it could potentially make things 1000x worse, the sandpaper works well for removing superficial scratches from lenses.

So if nothing else has worked so far, this might be your last resort. Gently rub the sandpaper across the surface of your lenses until you feel it smoothing out, but keep in mind that this method will probably affect how well lenses adapt to light (so if worn outside, they may work less efficiently than before).

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