How To Fix Scratches On Car?

How To Fix Scratches On Car?

Scratches on cars are the most irritating and infuriating issue that almost every car owner faces at least once in his lifetime. The best advice for a scratch-free car is to avoid hitting others, but what if you already have a scratch on your beloved vehicle? Here we will share some tips and tricks about fixing scratches on cars using household products.

The process of removing a slight or light scratched surface can be done quickly by anyone. But before starting any procedure, first wash the irritated area with soap water thoroughly to ensure any dust, soil, or other contaminants should not remain in the minor scratches, which could hamper the performance of remedies soaps available nearby home can remove minor surface damage caused by abrasions or accidental collisions just by washing it with them and let dry.

Now we will share some everyday household items that help remove minor scratches from cars.

Remove the scratch with a white pencil eraser:

Use any white colored pencil eraser and rub it in a circular motion over the scratch to make it less visible also, you can clean your car regularly to avoid such damages in the future. If you don’t have an eraser, then use toothpaste, baking soda, or metallic polish for this purpose.

Remove the scratch with melted candle wax: You need to rub a small amount of pure beeswax on the scratched area and gently buff it using a soft cloth until the surface looks new again. By doing so, not only will you be able to remove the scratch but also will be able to give a shine on it.

Remove the scratch with mayonnaise or mustard oil:

You should massage mayonnaise or mustard oil into that area and then let it stay for a few minutes before washing off. By doing so, your scratches will be less visible to others.

Remove the scratch with petroleum jelly:

Try filling scratches with lip balm, white toothpaste, car wax, or petroleum jelly but make sure you do not rub in a circular motion as it would worsen the appearance of scratch if done continuously.

Also, avoid using any strong chemicals over there because they might cause permanent damage to the paint job. Remove the scratch with fine steel wool: This method is only advised by experts because steel wool might cause other light scratches on the surface of your car.

Remove the scratch with sandpaper:

You can use sandpaper for this purpose but make sure you tape any adjacent surrounding area to avoid damages caused by friction. First, you should rub the woodblock over the scratched area to remove dust particles and then start rubbing fine grain sandpaper over it in circular motion only.

Wipe off the debris with a damp cloth, and if needed, repeat the process several times until results are achieved. Avoid pressure when sanding with wet sandpaper because it would cause permanent damage to the paint job in the future if done continuously. Last, wipe the entire surface with wax or polish before using your vehicle again.

So these were a few tips about how to fix scratches on the car by yourself. I hope you like it.

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