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      How to know if Netflix will delete your account with its new activity policy

Kim Diaz



Netflix knows that some users are somewhat absent-minded and that, despite continuing to pay for the subscription, do not use the content of the platform. These clients will cancel account not to continue charging them for anything.

Paying to Netflix is ​​simple, from the registration process the first day you no longer have to do anything else, the company is in charge of collecting directly from your bank account. This facility has its disadvantages, since we forget it’s there and that we could save ourselves that expense if we are not taking advantage of it.

According to the company, there are a few hundred thousand accounts that could be removed if the owners don’t answer the Netflix call. But what is the time limit that has been established? One year, if you have not been in your Netflix account for a year, you should check your email.

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With a message, Netflix will notify you that you have been without using its platform all that time, but you have been paying for it and that it will cancel your subscription. To avoid this, Netflix gives you the option to reject that cancellation, but if you don’t answer, bye Netflix account.

Nothing happens, if you have received the message, but with all the mess of the day to day it has happened to confirm that you are still interested in having a Netflix subscription, you can always turn it on again later. When you want to see the contents of this platform again, you sign up again with the same data and Netflix reestablishes all the profiles and recommendations you had.

It may seem like a strange process, but it is actually a welcome attitude. Not many companies refuse to continue charging for a service that they are not offering. It is a way of reminding your customers that they are there or of save them money so that, over time, they trust them again.

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