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How To Use a Bike Speedometer as an ATV Speedometer

Olivia Wilson



In case you personal an older mannequin ATV or dust bike, you most likely don’t have an OEM speedometer that was included from the manufacturing unit. For some individuals that could be okay, however in the event you’re like me, you need to know the way quick you’re taking place that again highway or path. That’s the place a high quality ATV speedometer comes into play. You might have a few choices for a speedometer:

Telephone speedometer app – makes use of gps to trace your distance traveled over time and offers you actual time info on velocity. Easy utilization however there may be the potential that your cellphone will get ruined!

Aftermarket ATV speedometer – designed and constructed for an ATV or dust bike (just like the xxx). These manufacturers are a bit dearer (above $100) however embody extra options as properly.

Bicycle speedometer – An affordable various methodology to getting your actual time velocity as you trip with out the worry of breaking one thing costly. Spoiler Alert – This Rocks!

I like to consider myself as a thrifty particular person so I not too long ago invested in a low cost bike speedometer from eBay and scorching wired it to my ATV. Right here’s how I did it:

1.Select Your Speedometer – I bought a $20 bike speedometer by way of I might advocate choosing a wi-fi unit as it would prevent effort and time of operating wire to your entrance or rear tire. I ought to have listened to my very own recommendation, however I bought a wired show…
2. Mount the Show – I selected to mount mine to the middle of the handlebars, between the steering column brackets. As a result of the speedometer is designed for a bicycle, most items include a bracket to connect the show to a 7/8″ handlebar. If you wish to get fancy, you’ll be able to fabricate a sprint panel.
3. Mount the Magnet – Choose a location to mount the magnet and receiver. Most speedometers included a magnet with a wing nut on the again which you should use to pinch the spoke of a bike. As my ATV didn’t have any spokes, I needed to search for one other space on my atv which additionally spun with the tires however was not obstructed. The entrance wheels wouldn’t work due to the situation of the brake calipers throughout the wheel. I used to be in a position to make use of the rear brake caliper to mount the magnet, simply within the brake caliper, so the magnet may spin freely as the tires flip.
4. Mount the Choose Up Coil – After getting the situation of your magnet, you will need to connect the decide up coil in order that the magnet passes by the coil inside a few millimeters throughout every tire rotation. I used to be capable of zip tie the coil outdoors of rear swing arm, simply above the provider. You will need to mount the coil as shut as attainable to make sure the coil can decide up the magnetic area.
5. Run the Wires – Now that the elements have been connected, you’ll be able to run the wires from the decide up again to the show. Follow areas with little motion to keep away from stretching and compressing the wire. I might observe present wiring and if attainable run the wire by way of warmth shielding. As a result of I mounted my magnet to the swing arm, I needed to splice in some wire to increase the space.

ATV Speedometer

6. Arrange the Speedometer – When beginning the speedometer for the primary time, you may be prompted to enter the tire measurement or circumference. The show wants this info to transform rotations into distance. As you see beneath, velocity is a perform of distance of time. The bike speedometer makes use of the identical system to calculate your velocity on the spot by taking the space lined throughout one rotation (tire circumference) and the variety of rotations an hour. See system beneath:

Wheel Circumference (2TTr) x Rotations per Hour = Velocity (MPH)

Instance – Assume tire has a diameter of 20″ and completes two rotations each second.

20″ wheel has a circumference of .0009916 miles (2 x 3.14159 x 10″ = 62.83″ / 12″ = 5.236′ / 5280′ = 0.0009916 miles)
Tire completes two rotations per second = 7200 rotations per hour (120 rotations a minute x 60 minutes = 7200)
0.0009916 miles per rotation and 7200 rotations accomplished in an hour = 7.13952 MPH
As you’ll be able to see above, the wheel diameter is essential to calibrating the proper velocity of your quad. A mis-measurement by an inch can throw your speedometer off by 4-5 mph at precise speeds of 50mph. My suggestion is measuring your tire with a tape measurer and including half an inch to account for the enlongation of the tire at increased speeds (tires get taller at excessive velocity).

7. Calibrating the Speedometer – It’s possible the speedometer gained’t be good with it’s studying of your velocity. I might counsel testing the accuracy utilizing your cellphone, a radar gun, or having a pal drive subsequent to you. As soon as your quad reaches an precise velocity of 40 MPH (that is utilizing the velocity of the calibration machine i.e. pal in automotive, GPS, and so on), pay attention to the velocity which is displayed in your ATV speedometer. If it’s the identical, nice! If not, it’s time to calibrate. In case your radar velocity is increased than the studying in your speedometer, the tire measurement must be adjusted upwards in your settings. Conversely if the radar velocity lower than the speedometer, you want to cut back the tire measurement setting.

I used to be happy after putting in my speedometer utilizing the directions I created above. The seventh bullet level was added due to an subject I bumped into with the speedometer not studying the velocity precisely. In the long run I needed to reset the tire measurement a bit smaller to show the precise velocity I used to be touring. I imagine this needed to do with the place I situated the decide up and the angle that I mounted it. The magnet handed by the coil parallel which prompted a slight delay within the studying. Over all I’m fully proud of this concept and saved a appreciable amount of cash doing so!

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