How to use facial recognition with mask

Now that we are going to be with the mask on for part of the day, both on the street and in some interiors, is when companies demonstrate how they adapt quickly to the times. As anyone who uses a mobile with face unlock, until now it was not possible to use this function with the mask. However, we are going to teach you some tricks to configure your Android or iOS mobile.

Keep in mind that the mask problem also occurs with other biometric data, such as fingerprint. The use of gloves prevents mobile phones from using this route and you do not always want to opt for the PIN code. To avoid problems, we will show how to unlock the phone with the mask on.

When ever it is a normal mask, disposable or not, covering the airways, from the nose to the chin but not the eyes, you can use facial unlock with your mobile.

In two months it has gone from despising them, to being “highly recommended”. If you are going to put on a mask to go outside, this is what you should know.

How to unlock an Android phone with a mask on

If you have an Android phone and want to unlock it without having to expose yourself to removing your mask, you can change the settings in a matter of two minutes. Although we clarify that this works with a basic Android, the customization layers of some brands may not yet support it. For example, with the Pixel 4 XL, from which we have taken the screenshots, it works perfectly.

For configure the new face unlock with mask you have to enter Adjustments, after Security and access Face unlock.

To take advantage of the new configuration you must erase current facial data and create new. The trick is to do it with the mask on for 30% or 40% of the process and then remove it.

Once they have registered the new biometric data, you can unlock the Android mobile with the mask on.

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How to unlock an iPhone with a mask on

In the case of an iOS system there is an interesting variation: no need to delete the profile you have, you can add a different one and the iPhone itself is capable of using it depending on the moment.

To create the new profile you have to enter Set an alternative look. This tab is in the option Face ID and code of Settings.

When creating the new profile you have to do it with half mask on or folded over the face. Although you can also use a sheet or surface that hides the same part that a mask does. In the images you can see how we have tested it.

If you create the new profile like this, you will see that the mobile unlocks without any problem even if you have the mask put.

As you can see, it will no longer be necessary to expose or remove the mask to be able to use the phone with facial unlock. Operating systems allow you to update to the situation Quickly and setting up your device is easy in a couple of minutes.

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