Huawei launches its own API to track COVID-19, compatible with Google and Apple project

Technology has proven to be an effective method of keeping track of COVID-19. Google and Apple joined forces when the virus reached the United States and now Huawei is launching its own API to track the virus with your consumers’ mobiles.

Google and Apple cover the majority of phones in the world, but there are still users whose mobiles do not have access to the services of Google or Apple, so they were left out of the crawl. This is why Huawei has been working on its own API.

Some of the models that Huawei has presented in recent years do not include Google’s services and applications, due to the blockade that the United States Government has established between Huawei and US companies. In this situation, Huawei strives to offer a complete and similar service to that of Google for its mobiles, including a new API to fight against COVID-19.

With this new API, developers of tracking applications will be allowed to connect with Apple or Google mobiles and thus have a broader map of the progress of the virus. The more mobiles participate in this monitoring, the more precise the pandemic control will be, alerting everyone who has been in contact with an infected person.

At the moment it is only an API, that is, until we have an application, this is only the base on which the rest of the structure must be built. It will allow Huawei users not to be left out when we already have that application.

The application is already reaching different countries, in Spain the Canary Islands will be the first to test it in June. To guarantee privacy, the application will not use GPS but will use the Bluetooth connectivity to detect any positive (or suspected case) in the vicinity of the phone position.

We leave you the most detailed map to follow the coronavirus in real time and be aware of all cases of infections and deaths with official sources.

With the Bluetooth connection you can know How many people have you been close enough to have been able to infect you And if any of those people test positive in the following days, you will receive an alarm warning that you have been exposed to the virus.

The system will not always be precise, as it does not know if you have been close, but separated by a screen. Anyway is a reinforcement system together with trackers that the different territories are using to locate by phone the main contacts of the positives. The trackers locate close contacts, the application to those people who you have crossed in the subway, for example.

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