Hundreds of meteors in just 15 minutes – witness the best sky show on Thursday!

Have you ever witnessed shooting stars? Well, if you have not yet come across such an exciting experience, you can head on to that experience this Thursday. The Alpha Monocerotids – one of the huge share of the meteor shower is happening this week. Be there if you really want to witness the best ever astronomical event ever. 

Meteors shower does happen throughout the year. But when you compare it to the one that you would be experiencing this week, those showers can only be considered as a trickle. You would ideally be witnessing three to four of them during the peak season – which happens to be around November 21 or 22 every year. Compared to those showers, this year, you are likely to come across meteor rates that would around 100 times better. 

The short-lived burst of meteors has been forecast for Thursday evening at 11.50 pm eastern time. However, the occurrence of this event may or may not materialise.  If it reaches the possible potential, you would be in to witness a shower of over 100 meteors that can run for around 15 minutes. The event can happen at any time between 11.30 pm on Thursday from 12.10 am on Friday. 

This prediction has been made by a NASA scientist and was published in this report. It has been stated that the meteor showers of this magnitude have been witnessed in the past in  1925, 1935, 1985 and 1995. The next burst is predicted to happen in 2043. 

Be ready with your sky gazing tools and you may witness the best meteor shower ever in recent times. If you are lucky enough because these predictions cannot be sure-fire every time. 


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