I want to buy a Samsung TV in 2020, what options do I have?

Samsung is one of the most popular and appreciated TV manufacturers by users. In its catalog you can find countless models, from the simplest to the most advanced, with features for all tastes and prices for all budgets.

If you are thinking of buying a Samsung TV, you may be a little lost and have doubts about which model to choose. Don’t panic because you’ve come to the right place: here we will review the 2020 Samsung TVs so you know what its characteristics and prices are. In this way, choosing the one that best suits your needs and budget will be much easier.

We have divided the 2020 Samsung TV catalog into two categories: on the one hand the normal range Samsung QLED 2020 and on the other hand the Lifestyle range. Although all panels are QLED, Samsung Lifestyle models have an innovative design and their own personality, so they deserve a separate section.

Samsung QLED 2020 TVs

Let’s start with the new Samsung QLED televisions of this 2020, where we find models with 8K and 4K resolution. Below we review the main characteristics and prices of these TVs.

Samsung QLED 8K

The 2020 range of Samsung QLED 8K televisions is made up of two models: the flagship QLED Q950TS 8K and the QLED Q800T 8K.

The Samsung QLED Q950TS 8K is the maximum exponent of the brand’s QLED TV catalog for this year. It stands out for offering an innovative frameless design that allows the panel to occupy 99% of the front surface, as well as for its thin thickness of only 15 mm.

It is equipped with an AI Quantum 8K processor that can scale Full HD and 4K content to its native 8K resolution. In addition, thanks to QLED technology it can reproduce 100% of the color volume. It is compatible with the HDR10 + standard and incorporates different audio technologies to provide the best quality sound.

These are the prices of the Samsung QLED Q950TS 8K in Spain:

The Samsung QLED Q800T 8K It is the other model with 8K resolution available in the Samsung catalog. If you want to enjoy an 8K resolution television but your budget is somewhat more limited, this is your TV.

Below you can see the sizes and prices of the QLED Q800T 8K in Spain:

Samsung QLED 4K

8K televisions are not within everyone’s reach, and in addition to the lack of content in this resolution, many users prefer to wait to purchase an 8K TV.

If this is your case and you prefer to buy a Samsung 4K TV, In the QLED range of 2020 you have four models to choose from: Q60T, Q70T, Q80T and Q95T. They are available in screen sizes between 43 and 85 inches, depending on the model.

The Samsung QLED Q95T is the most advanced television in this family. We had the opportunity to try it a few days ago and we found that it has great virtues: it reproduces blacks at the height of an OLED, it has high quality sound, it offers good HDR brightness and color calibration, and One Connect connectivity is very comfortable .

With a size of 65 inches and the latest QLED technology, the Samsung QLED Q95T represents the top range of Samsung QLED 4K televisions. This makes it one of the most interesting and attractive LED televisions of the moment.

However, we also miss some features, mainly the lack of Dolby Vision and Dolby.

Then we leave you Prices of 2020 Samsung QLED 4K TVs in Spain:

2020 Samsung Lifestyle range TVs

Samsung’s Lifestyle range includes the most innovative televisions of the South Korean company. In these models, the brand emphasizes innovation and personalization, so if you are looking for a different TV with character, you will find it in this section.

The frame

The model The Frame, Samsung’s ultra-slim TV whose design mimics a box, has already become a classic of the brand.

In this 2020, the corporation has presented some novelties in this model. On the one hand, the available screen sizes have been expanded, adding to the existing ones a new, more compact size of 32 inches and a larger one of 75 inches.

Another novelty is the incorporation of a new finish with the frame in beige and burgundy, as well as a new wall bracket without separation and slot for the One Connection Box connector through a single fiber cable.

These are the The Frame 2020 prices in Spain:

The Sero

For this year Samsung had a big surprise in store for us. The South Korean company presented at CES 2020 the most innovative and unexpected model in its catalog: we are talking about The Sero, Samsung’s vertical television.

It is a fact that we consume more and more content on social networks, and this is inevitably affecting traditional formats. With the rise of platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, users are used to videos created in portrait format, but until now, no television has been adapted for the optimal reproduction of this content.

With The Sero, Samsung offers an answer to this trend. This TV has a 43-inch QLED panel and can be rotated to place the screen in a fully vertical position. It is already available for sale in Spain at a price of 1,499 euros.

The Serif

The Samsung Lifestyle range is completed with a third model: The Serif. It is a television with a design thought to be integrated into any part of the house, not only next to the wall.

It can be installed with or without a support, it is equipped with QLED panels and this year it comes in sizes of 43 and 49 inches, as well as two new colors: Cotton White and Cotton Blue.

These are the prices of The Serif in Spain:

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