Identify the players by the recorded videos? It might happen on PS5

This system would help identify the players that appear in the shared gameplay videos from PS5.

In recent years, the action of share gameplay videos of the games, either through videos on YouTube and other platforms, or broadcast them live via Twitch and the like, it has become a world (and a business) in itself. For that reason, Sony is working on a system that would instantly recognize which characters and players appear in this kind of video.

At least, as a recently published patent suggests, for a “player identification system”, created by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This technology would be able to analyze the frames of a video and identify what game it is, what characters come out and above all which players appear in it.

In practice, this could be useful especially for Professional streamers who want to demonstrate the authorship of their videos. It also gives as an example content uploaded to web pages, which thanks to this system could be correctly identified.

Although the PS5 design has already been revealed, We still don’t know anything about its interface or operating system (beyond that, apparently, it will be completely different from that of PS4). This function, which is somewhat confusing at first, could end up becoming something whose objective, in short, is to help the process of sharing content from the console itself.

Of course, finding a patent does not mean that it will materialize at the end of its development. However, it seems that Sony is investigating different systems that would assist the player in different ways: helping them organize their time or giving them advice to overcome the levels.

This article was published in Hobby Consolas by Javier Escribano.

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