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      IKEA teaches children to build six forts to play at home

Kim Diaz



Now that children spend more time at home, they need to be kept busy. Many parents turn to technology: tablets, video games, streaming platforms … But sometimes the simplest and most traditional things can be just as effective. After all, most of them only need a cardboard box to distract themselves. So IKEA Russia offers children to build six forts to play at home.

In collaboration with the Russian agency Instinct, IKEA has designed six fun castles, fortresses, forts and other buildings with simple assembly instructions. Although they are instructions from IKEA, so there is a good chance that we do not understand them, or give us a piece …

Jokes aside, it must be said that the instructions have names of furniture in Swedish, as is the tradition, but it is enough to see the drawings to identify the objects we need, and how to place them. After all, it is a matter of even a child knowing how to build it …

In total, there are six different constructions: a fortress, a house, a castle, an Indian tent, a cave and a camp.

Although IKEA logically recommends using your furniture, you can use any other with the same shape. It only takes a chair, table, or chair for the fort’s framework, cushions or blankets to cover it, and some books or clips to hold different elements. Things that everyone has at home and are usually cheap. Of course, better to use old furniture …

Other accessories, such as lights and soft toys, are optional, to the taste of children.

In addition to IKEA furniture, it keeps a lot of anecdotes and curiosities. Who founded the company? Where are you from? Where is the largest IKEA?

If you want to try, here are the complete instructions for building six IKEA children’s forts.

IKEA Russia encourages sharing of creations on social media through the hashtag #StayHome or, in Russian, # явдомикеикеа.

A very endearing idea that, as we see in those links, both children and cats like …

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