In South Korea they already have robots that take you coffee to keep social distance

The robot with its robotic arm is able to prepare up to 60 types of coffee and then quickly distribute them to each of the tables where customers who have previously placed an order wait.

The next step that we must all responsibly follow is social distancing in the reopening of a multitude of businesses around the world, and South Korea is already leading the way with the premiere of a series of robots that are responsible for making and delivering coffee to customers.

A coffee shop in Daejeon, South Korea, has released a barista robot who is not only in charge of preparing the coffee, but also of bringing the drink to all the customers who are waiting at the tables.

According to Reuters reports, to avoid contagions, this cafe in South Korea only has a human worker who is in charge of programming the robot and preparing cakes, while the machine is capable of preparing a wide variety of coffees to deliver to all customers who They are sitting keeping social distance at their tables.

This robot can do up to 60 different types of coffee and deliver them to customers throughout the premises. The company behind this robot, Vision Semicon, is convinced that its fleet of robots can help society in this new phase in which social distancing is very important in daily life, such as going to have a coffee with friends.

The robot is quite simple since it uses a robotic arm to make coffee and then afterwards it is in charge of serving the different tables. These robots can also communicate and transmit data to other devices and contain autonomous driving technology to calculate the best routes to reach the customer within the establishment.

The robot is capable of preparing an order in almost a minute for coffee, so it could serve a crowded table in less than five minutes.

The company intends to supply these robots to at least 30 coffee shops throughout this year, which would facilitate automation in these establishments but on the other hand affect unemployment in the Asian country.

[Fuente: Reuters]

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