In this place you can find the cleanest air on Earth

The place with the purest fresh air on Earth is already known because researchers have focused on locating regions of the planet that have not been affected by man-made climate change.

If you are looking for a paradise destination where the purest air on Earth, scientists have managed to find this place and you will probably never be able to visit it.

A group of researchers from Colorado State University have located an atmospheric region on Earth that has never been changed by human-related activities ever in its existence. To reach that conclusion, in the study they measured the bioaerosol composition of the Southern Ocean that is near Antarctica, discovering that it has the cleanest air on the entire planet.

This is a one-of-a-kind study, and where researchers want to locate regions of the Earth that have not been affected by human-caused climate change, something would be important for a future migration of the human species.

They discovered that the air of the boundary layer that is what feeds the lowest clouds over the Southern Ocean had no aerosols caused by human activity. Realize that these aerosols are airborne, liquid, and solid particles, including burning fossil fuels, certain crops, fertilizer production, and sewage disposal, all causing air pollution.

Aerosols that control the cloud properties of the Southern Ocean are strongly linked to oceanic biological processes, and Antarctica appears to be isolated from the dispersal of microorganisms to the south and the deposition of nutrients from the southern continents.“Explains the study co-author, Thomas hill.

In this way, it is collected that the Southern Ocean is one of the few places on Earth that has been minimally affected by anthropogenic activities. Furthermore, the team also sampled air that has direct contact with the ocean while aboard a research ship that was traveling on the edge of Antarctic ice. The team then took to analyzing the microbes in the air showing that the air to the south does not come from contaminated regions.

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution kills 7 million people per year and increases the risks of heart disease.

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