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      IPhone 12 will not include free headphones in the box, according to rumors

Kim Diaz



Apple’s new strategy would go through not include conventional wired earphones in iPhone 12 case. This is stated by the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who believes that with this move the company intends to boost sales of AirPods.

Since the first iPhone hit the market back in 2007, Apple has always included a pair of wired headphones in the box. Considering that the corporation released the device as an evolution of the iPod that, in addition to playing music, could also make and receive calls, it makes sense that this accessory accompanied it.

Now, everything points to the practice of including wired headphones, known as EarPods, could be terminated with the iPhone 12. At least this is what Kuo assures in his report, where he points out that Apple would complete this strategy with promotions to buy the cheapest AirPods.

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With this movement, those from Cupertino hope stimulate demand for AirPods ahead of the final stretch of this year. According to the analyst, sales of Apple’s wireless headphones are likely to be at their lowest point due to the global health crises.

But, will this strategy really be effective to increase sales of AirPods? We have to keep in mind that Apple’s wireless headphones are not cheap, that many users already have them, or that there are people who have several previous iPhone EarPods, among other factors.

In addition, if users want to save they can always opt to buy new EarPods that cost 29 euros in the official Apple store, rather than spending 179 euros or more on AirPods.

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It will also have to be seen how the Cupertino company’s headphone catalog looks like between now and the end of the year, since if a new model (or several) lands, it can subtract demand from standard AirPods.

Technology analyst Jon Prosser says that the AirPods X, wireless headphones for sports, are coming to the market in September or October at a price of about $ 200 (183 euros in exchange). AirPods Studio has also been rumored, the headband headphones that would cost about $ 349.

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