Is this the mask that we should wear to eat in restaurants?

Whether we like it or not, the so-called “new normal” goes through get used to using the mask. The government has declared that its use is compulsory in closed spaces and even on the street, as long as it is not possible to guarantee a safety distance of two meters. Therefore, from now on it will become one more element of our daily look.

However, even though it is for our health, wearing a mask can be quite uncomfortable in certain situations. For example, to eat or drink it is necessary to take it off, and touching it with your hands increases the risk of contagion.

So that we can return to eat in restaurants safely, apart from the preventive measures that the establishments are already adopting, an Israeli company has devised a most curious mask. As you can see in the image, it has an opening in the middle that can be opened and closed remotely to introduce food.

This is a design by Avtipus Patents and Inventions, a Tel Aviv-based company dedicated to product development and patent registration. As Reuters explains, this quirky eating mask is powered by a mechanism similar to that of a bicycle’s brakes.

When the user squeezes the connected device through the tube, the mask opens and allows the user to eat or drink without having to remove it. Further, according to the manufacturer, it will also work automatically and it will open when the person brings their fork closer to the mask.

It is possible to unlock the mobile with the mask on through facial recognition. We teach you how to configure your mobile, be it Android or iPhone.

Avtipus Patents and Inventions explains that it has already patented its design and intends to start manufacturing it in a few months. As for its price, the company points out that they will cost a little more than light blue hygienic masks, between $ 0.85 and $ 2.85 more.

What we don’t know yet is whether the company will market the product outside of Israel. In case you arrive in Spain, will it be the mask that we will have to use to eat in restaurants?

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