Ketamine dose can be the best option to cut down on the booze


Are you someone attempting to get yourself freed from heavy drinking? Or have someone in your family who is too addicted to the booze? Maybe you are in for good news that can help you cut down on the booze. 

Scientists have come to a conclusion after a series of tests that Ketamine or just one-off dose of the drug can help reduce the visits to the bar to a considerable extent. A report in the Nature communications has cited the research by a team of University College, London proving it. 

The drug shot makes use of the memory retrieval technique for rewriting the alcohol-related memories. It may be noticed that the drug Ketamine has been a recreational drug and has widely been used as an animal tranquilizer. These discoveries can be much helpful in devising the future plans of addressing the alcohol addictions. 

To quote Mr. Ravi Das who is a psychologist at the University College, London, “There was a really big drop-off, which was maintained or got even better up to nine months [after treatment]. I was surprised by how effective it was.”

The theory used here is that every behaviour we have cultivated over the years has been due to some sort of learning. The technique of memory rewriting relies on the fact that these unhelpful memories can be unlearned. Addiction actually stems from the reward-seeking behaviour and the team behind these studies focussed on the removal of these rewards for achieving the right steps towards deaddiction. 


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