‘Lamenting Of The Innocent’ Review: Sorcerer returns with dark visions of witch hunts and human suffering

The Swedish doom peddlers Sorcerer might be releasing their third studio album (by way of Metallic Blade Information) referred to as ‘Lamenting Of The Harmless’ on Could 29. The well-liked metallic group efficiently blends Candlemass-style epic doom with shades of Iron Maiden to serve up a novel deal with for lovers of doom metallic. They initially fashioned in 1989, disbanded in 1992 and then reformed in 2010.

They subsequently marked a triumphant return to the metallic scene with their 2017 album, ‘The Crowning Of The Fireplace King’. Due to the rave opinions they obtained for that effort, the doom lords returned to the studio to conjure up their new idea album ‘Lamenting Of The Harmless’. In keeping with vocalist Anders Engberg, the album’s theme revolves across the witch hunts of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Whereas the songs are particular person tales, all of them revolve across the guide, ‘Hammer Of The Witches’ written by Swedish creator Henricus Institoris. “We roughly dwelled on the human situation side, just like the levels of grief or mourning. Denial, anger, bargaining, melancholy and acceptance. We thought this might be utilized as a result of the witch craze was, in a way, a mass trauma on a number of people,” says Kristian Niemann, the band’s guitarist. 

Sorcerer (courtesy of Marieke Verschuren)

Niemann additionally revealed that the band had developed on this album. “Some elements are heavier and sooner in comparison with what we’ve completed earlier than whereas another elements are softer and extra mellow. We wished our sound to develop in each course. It is necessary to have nice melodies, an ambient huge sound, heavy badass riffs and a giant epic refrain — that is a Sorcerer track in a nutshell.”

The band’s lineup has additionally modified with bassist Justin Biggs and former drummer Richard Evensand (who recorded with Sorcerer on their ’90s demo) becoming a member of forces on this effort with longstanding members Anders Engberg (vocals), and the unique guitarists Kristian Niemann and Peter Hallgren. 

‘Lamenting Of The Harmless’ sees the band letting their influences shine by means of, breaking apart the epic doom with flavors of prog, post-metal, basic heavy metallic and onerous rock. In Engberg’s phrases, “We play music that pertains to after we grew up, with bands like Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Iron Maiden and such. They’re all influences and we wish to construct that dramatic contact into our music.”

Paintings for ‘Lamenting Of The Harmless’ (courtesy of artiste)

The ominous prelude ‘Persecution’ lasts slightly below a minute, merely serving because the aperitif. We then lurch into ‘Hammer Of The Witches’ which publicizes an onslaught of conventional doom, doling out a heavy serving of riffage topped off with Anders Engberg channeling Tony Martin in his prime. The track talks about Catholic church buildings and knights using by means of the nation to place all witches on trial.

Hovering singing traces punctuated by the guttural group chant “Burn, Witch, Burn” additional solidify this observe. Peter Hallgren and Kristian Niemann flex their soloing prowess with a lot of quick runs and harmonic artistry all through. At a bit beneath 9 minutes, ‘Lamenting Of The Harmless’ is the longest track on the album. The title observe opens with the sounds of howling wind, a crackling fireplace, and chanting, which paves the best way for an enormous riff and gradual throbbing drums.

Anders publicizes his entry with low mellow traces earlier than bursting into the melody sung an octave larger. “Fireplace reaching for the sky / There are not any extra tears to cry / The lamenting of the harmless,” sings Anders as bassist Justin Biggs pitches in with growling vocals. The solos are scrumptious with each Niemann and Hallgren churning out exemplary guitar play and harmonizing effortlessly.

Whereas ‘Lamenting of the Harmless’ strides the melodic path, ‘Institoris’ is a breakaway into extra soiled, doomy territory. This observe impressed by the creator Henricus Institoris boasts of a unclean, dirty riff complemented by dark lyrics crafted by bassist Justin Biggs. Breaks which might be reminiscent of Black Sabbath with closely accented minor fifths and gradual pounding drums give solution to beautiful guitar solos which might be hauntingly lovely.


‘The place Spirits Die’ continues the band’s outing into conventional doom territory with a Tony Iommi-esque riff and Anders’ hovering vocals. The observe then maintains the looming sense of dread with the dragging tempo, chunky riffs, and guttural wailing and additionally contains some incendiary back-to-back solos by the dueling guitarists.

‘Deliverance’ options stand-out vocals from Johan Langquist (Candlemass) and good atmospherics from cellist Svante Henryson. “They really introduced one other dimension to that track and now it is not possible to think about it with out their contributions,” Engberg revealed. Properly tucked in midway by means of the album, ‘Deliverance’ blends acoustic guitars and cello work with occasional orchestral percussion, serving as a beautiful sonic breather on this hard-hitting album.

‘Age Of The Damned’ serves as a reminder that at their core, Sorcerer is all about imply, chunky riffs. As a whole distinction to ‘Deliverance’, ‘Age Of The Damned’ hits you within the face with chugging guitars, pounding drums, and snarling vocals. The affect of Ronnie James Dio is obvious, as Anders pushes his voice to the boundaries, wailing over the underlying churn of the band’s music. “Are you able to hear them crying within the mild”, sings Anders because the chaos slowly winds right down to an ambiance of swirling guitar trails.


An ominous bell chime and Gregorian monk-style chanting usher in ‘Condemned’. The track is about an accused witch awaiting her demise and the agony she feels whereas witnessing her funeral pyre being constructed. Niemann and Hallgren play hauntingly complementary harmonies on this observe and showcase their exemplary musicality. The transition from gradual doom to heavy galloping sections are brilliantly held collectively by drummer Richard Evensand, whose thundering rolls and fast fills intensify the drudgy tempo. Anders thrills with his stellar key modifications and vocal transitions and that venomous acoustic outro is the icing on the cake.

‘Dance With The Satan’ methods you with the gradual intro earlier than exploding right into a frenzied chant that surprises and delights. The observe oscillates between Anders’ storytelling and a shuddering collision of battering riffs and drums. This observe additionally options some unbelievable guitar solo work, all completed to a waltz tempo that makes this a novel listening expertise. Evensand’s expertise are on show once more because the musicians effortlessly change tempos and depth, a trademark of bandmates who perceive each other very properly.


Album nearer ‘Path To Perdition’ is probably probably the most bold observe lyrically, belonging to the anger stage of grieving. It describes the locals dragging the priest from the confines of his sanctuary and finally throwing him on the pyre that had claimed many harmless folks.

In keeping with the band, “It describes their urge for food for revenge and, we really feel, justifies or affirms the act of their vengeance. Within the center of the track, there may be an interlude of kinds, the place it describes what the priest goes by means of. We wished it to be a distinction to his divine delusion of grandeur. Ensuring that he would not cross into the afterlife, into heaven, however fairly transcend right into a realm of nightmares tailor-made to his personal depravity.” It is a dark and macabre track certainly, and a becoming stamp on an epic & enthralling album.

All in all, that is the richest and most intense Sorcerer providing thus far and opens the following thrilling chapter for one of Sweden’s most interesting exports. Waiting for the place they wish to be a yr from now, their intent is easy: “Touring Europe, Asia, and the US, ensuring folks get an opportunity to see Sorcerer dwell. That’s our fundamental precedence for the upcoming yr,” says Engberg. ‘Lamenting Of The Harmless’ undoubtedly feels just like the turning level for the spectacular Swedes and guarantees to be an absolute delight for doom-mongers and followers of epic heavy metallic.

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