LG mobiles are uploaded to the 5-year warranty

LG wants to demonstrate that its mobiles are a long-term investment, extending the warranty period of its latest models to 5 years.

Few are the consumers who change terminals every year looking for the latest innovations in performance or photography developed by the brands. The rest of users keep their mobile for several years until it breaks down.

LG ensures that 60% of the mobile changes made by customers are caused by some device breakdown. That is why the brand wants to demonstrate that its mobiles are a long-term investment, resistant terminals that endure the passage of time without giving problems.

Proof of this resistance tested in military tests is the new measure taken by the company. The new mobiles that it presents LG will offer a guarantee of up to 5 years. Mobiles like the new LG Velvet, LGV50 ThinQ 5G, LG G8s or LG K61 will be able to take advantage of this good news, one more move by the brand to relaunch its devices in the mobile industry.

Those 5 years of warranty far exceed the 2 years required by all companies in the European Union. This measure supposes a benefit for customers as well as for the environment, saturated with the frenetic consumption of electronic products.

Precisely the European Union fights against the planned obsolescence of these products to prevent consumers from renewing them every so often. From Brussels they defend that the resistance of the products is reinforced or that replacement of damaged components is facilitated such as the battery of mobile phones, so that users can keep the mobile phone for several more years before buying a new one.

With the increase in LG’s warranty years, the brand also defends the positive influence it can have on the environment: LG bets on initiatives that “promote eco-technology, reducing the programmed obsolescence of technological devices and, therefore, reducing the emissions of harmful gases derived from their manufacture “.

All users who want to benefit from this 5-year guarantee can activate the warranty period extension of your device by filling out this form, as well as check there if your mobile phone enters the beneficiaries.

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