Linux continues to make its way in Windows: the graphical interface arrives

In a few days we will receive the great Windows 10 May 2020 update. And along with the sadly usual handful of bugs, we will also have some interesting news. Between them, Linux app support with GUI or graphical interface in Windows 10. And in a few months, integrating graphics acceleration in Linux.

Microsoft surprised everyone a couple of years ago when it announced that Linux would be integrated into Windows 10, through Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). In other words, that Linux distros would work in Windows 10 as just another Windows application.

In practice, this support was only intended for developers, because the versions of Linux available in the Windows Store (Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers, OpenSUSE, Kali Linux, and Debian, among others), were versions with command interpreter, that is, in text mode, without interface:

In recent months, Microsoft has been working to improve this support. Last August, it released the exFAT code to be able to use it on Linux, and thus allow Linux to handle Windows files on devices such as hard drives, USB sticks or SD cards, without the need to use third-party software.

Now as reported by The Verge, the next update Windows 10 May 2020 Update will release the new version of Windows Subsystem for Linux, that is, WSL 2.0, which will allow you to install on Windows 10, as a native app, Linux versions with graphical interface, much friendlier to end users than text-based versions that require typing commands.

It is not the only novelty. Microsoft is also working on the integration of graphic acceleration, that is GPU or graphics card support in Windows 10 Linux subsystem. The goal is for Linux applications on Windows 10 to be able to use the GPU for machine learning tasks and other variants of artificial intelligence.

Linux is already integrated into Windows 10. What does this mean and what are the Linux distros that we can install in Windows 10?

The improvements in Linux support is not the only news that we will see in the coming days. Faster searches, control of the internal temperature of the PC from the Task Manager, or the reinstallation of Windows 10 from the cloud, are some of the releases that we collect in this report with the news of Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

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