Mate Watch would be Huawei’s new smart watch

A record suggests that Huawei would be close to a new name for your smart watches they could rename and start being called Mate Watch thanks to an upcoming release.

Until now Huawei has used the Mate designation to launch products such as mobile devices, tablets and computers, and the next electronic device to have this denomination would be a smart watch.

In recent times Huawei has been betting on the name of Watch GT for its launches of smart watches, something that could change if this recent record of the Mate Watch comes to mean something, and not simply a defensive record for the future.

The name comes from a series of trademark applications registered by the Chinese company earlier this month, where not only the aforementioned Mate Watch can be seen but also other brands such as the Mate X, Mate Pad or Mate Pod.

The Huawei Mate Watch is part of the international ranking number 9 It is aimed at those devices included in the category of “electronic computers and other electronic products”.

Huawei is likely to wait for the launch of the new Mate series phone after the summer to also announce this smartwatch, so it is possible that in the coming weeks new details will be revealed if this launch really exists.

As we have discussed, the Chinese brand has been busy with the Mate Watch series for the topic of watches, a series that has been launched with sports and health attributes, something that could give us a clue of where this supposed launch of the new clock.

You may also be surprised by the registration of the Huawei Mate Pod, and rumors suggest that it could be either new headphones, or a name for a new series of smart speakers that would also be presented this year.

[Vía: Gizchina]

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