Mercadona masks are the best sold in supermarkets, according to the OCU

A comparative analysis carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) determines that Mercadona masks are the best that are for sale in supermarkets.

The mask has become one more element of our daily clothing. Its use has been mandatory in Spain since last May 21, specifically in closed public spaces and, in case it cannot guarantee the safety distance, also in open ones.

Although there was a great shortage of this product during the early stages of the pandemic, fortunately today we do not have this problem. Many people have made reusable fabric alternatives, but many other users prefer disposable masks They are sold at a cheap price in supermarkets.

But, is it an effective and safe alternative for health? In order to answer this question, the OCU has carried out an analysis of the masks for sale in the supermarket. According to their results, they generally have a very good filtration efficiency, greater than 95% in all cases, and Of all of them, Mercadona masks are the best quality.

In two months it has gone from despising them, to being “highly recommended”. If you are going to put on a mask to go outside, this is what you should know.

As we can read in the OCU report, Mercadona’s Deliplus masks are the best they have analyzed. It is made up of three layers, complying with the requirements of the UNE 0064 standard, it has a filtration efficiency of 99% and you can breathe well when wearing it. Its price is 6 euros the package of ten units, so the unit comes out to 60 cents.

Second are Day Mask4u masks. These are surgical masks, a medical device with EN 14683 standard. Their filtration capacity is 98% and they also allow breathing properly. They are sold in packages of ten units at a price of 6 euros, so each costs 60 cents, like Mercadona’s.

It is possible to unlock the mobile with the mask on through facial recognition. We teach you how to configure your mobile, be it Android or iPhone.

Lidl Jiangsu’s masks it is the third alternative highlighted by the OCU. They are type II R surgical masks, a medical device with EN 14683 standard. Their filtration efficiency is 99% and the report indicates that their breathability is lower than in hygienic masks. They are sold in packages of 10 units at 5.99 euros, so that each also comes to 60 cents.

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