Microsoft has applied to be one more telephony operator in Spain

Microsoft’s SkypeOut tool can become the new telephony operator that we have in the country.

In the last month we have had important news with the arrival of a new telephone operator that has started its services nationwide, Virgin telco, but it may not be the only one to join the sector in our country after the surprising – and necessary – Microsoft’s move. The company has asked register as a SkypeOut telephone operator.

This move comes from an action that the Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC) took against Microsoft two weeks ago, when it decided to start a sanction file to the company for offering calls to mobiles and landlines from the SkypeOut service.

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According to Expansión, the CNMC gave Microsoft a period of five days to register as an operator or it would have to eliminate its service in Spain immediately under the threat of committing a very serious offense. And Microsoft has acted and registered the SkypeOut tool as such.

But this measure has not only been taken by Spain, just a year ago the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) also rated SkypeOut as a communications service alien to the SKype tool and placed it in a small administrative limbo.

In any case, a period has now opened where the activation of SkypeOut as a telephone operator will be assessed, but the resolution will be known soon by only having 15 days to register once requested. In the event that it is approved, Microsoft will have a new telephony operator, which it is not such at the structure level, although it does have services.

Everything indicates that SlypeOut will be activated as an operator, so we will begin to have a small news spike about a tool that few users still know.

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