Microsoft is preparing a big change for the most iconic Windows menu

Windows continues to redesign its interface. Microsoft seems bent on changing every detail of the start menu so that its design is consistent with the rest of the operating system. A leak puts us on the trail of what the next change Windows 10 might get.

Subtle, but it can hide a major makeover. This is the next step that Microsoft is considering for its start menu, which a month ago already received a radical update, although the changes do not stop.

Everything indicates that future versions of Windows 10 will present rounded corners in the start menu. This is suggested by the Windows Latest website that has discovered a revealing image in one of the company’s support pages.

On a Windows advice page, a screenshot of a start menu is shown, very similar to the one you can currently have on your computer, but whose corners are rounded. This is not available to most users now, years ago the corners of Windows were moved to a square shape. Therefore, it is to be assumed that it is an image about a nearby design.

If true, Microsoft would be trying to give you more modern and consistent look with the direction of the brand’s applications. Leaving behind those square and strict corners that Windows has used all this time, may be a minor design change that hides other novelties.

As we said, since Windows 7 and Windows Vista we did not see this type of design. As of Windows 8 we did not see them anymore and it seems that it is going to recover this less strict style and, in this way, unify the design of the operating system with the Windows applications and other sections.

It is unknown if or when we will end up viewing these corners on our computer. It may take time to add to the new start menu that is already available and that has meant the total disappearance of Live Tiles.

We will have to wait to know more about the next big Windows update. For now, some details of Windows 10 H1 2021, which will arrive next year, have been leaked, but nothing has been mentioned about the rounded corners.

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