Naa Songs Website: Putlocker or Tamilrockers – Telugu Movie Download

Naa Songs Website: Putlocker or Tamilrockers – Telugu Movie Download

About Naa Songs website

Naa Songs is a website where one can download Telugu movies and mp3 songs for free. All the newly released Telugu audio song tracks are made available on this site for free as soon as the original audio tracks are officially released.

How to download songs from Naa Songs website

The URL for NaaSongs website is:

On the homepage, you will see a hyperlink that says ‘enter’, which will take you to the page where there is a list of newly released songs ordered by the album release date.

Or on the homepage, there is a ‘Search’ tab, where you can enter the song’s  name, movie’s name or the actor’s name to search for the songs which you want to listen or download online and click on search. This will take you to a new page where the search results are displayed, and you can select the appropriate link and enter the page where the name of the album and the songs in it are listed.

Click on the song you would wish to download, this will take you to a new page where the download link of the song is available. Click on the play button to listen to the song online before downloading it or click on the download button to start downloading it in mp3 format.

Is it safe to  download songs from this website?

No, it is not safe to download songs from this website or any other websites providing songs for free download, as they don’t comply with the Copyrights Act,1957. The Copyrights Act states that the author, in this case, the composer of the music is the owner of that particular musical work and only the broadcasting agency that has paid a royalty to the author for broadcasting his works holds the rights to sell or publish the work. Thus, websites like this which do not have a license to publish the songs are illegal sites.

Alternative options available for downloading music

Many other legal websites obtain the license for the distribution of the work from its composer and make it available for listening and downloading. You can use any of the licensed distributors like Gaana, Hungama, Amazon music, Wynk music, etc. to download and listen to the songs in high quality.

As per the Copyrights Act of 1957, making copies and selling or publishing a musical work without the permission of its original composer is illegal and the composer can sue such acts for copyright infringement. As a responsible citizen, we need to abide by the Laws of our nation and must refrain from using or downloading date from the websites without proper licenses.

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