NASA chooses to send more payloads to Moon with new partners


NASA has long been planning to send cargo and people onto the surface of the moon. The plans seem to be moving at a faster pace. The move has actually been to improve the commercialisation of the space sector. And in this quest for the improvement, the premier space agency from the US has decided to work with a few new partners. 

The space agency has now chosen to join hands with the private partners. The reports have been suggesting that NASA is planning to onboard more than a dozen companies from the US for this venture. 

This report has named at least five of these companies as its partners for the upcoming commercial lunar payload services. These private companies will be designing the robotic landers for assisting in taking larger payloads onto the lunar surface. NASA has been planning to send people onto the moon’s surface by the year 2024. 

Referred to as CLPS or Commercial Lunar Payload Services, this has been a huge program NASA has been going through for over a few years in the past. It should be noticed that the space agency had added three companies in the past. The list has now been expanded to include five more companies. 

NASA has been planning to send humans onto Moon in the next four years. The signing up with these eight companies should ideally help it achieve this goal in a more positive manner. It should be noticed that the companies listed above may not necessarily build their own satellites or landers. It is not clear as to which capacity would they be assisting NASA. However, the partnership should mean a lot and perhaps an indication to prove the possibility of a few new advancements in the moon mission from NASA. 


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