NASA creates a contest to find new technologies for future autonomous spacecraft

Develop smarter and more autonomous ships with new artificial intelligence systems. NASA offers $ 1,000,000 to participants in its new entrepreneurial contest.

NASA engineers aren’t the only ones who can do their bit for future space missions and write on a new page in history. This space agency often takes into account the technologies developed by other companies to complete your own projects.

Artificial intelligence is one of the main technologies that NASA is currently seeking for its spacecraft and other space machines. “We want to make sure we don’t leave good ideas on the table or miss out on the contributions that some of these potential partners could make in the exciting science missions ahead.” Explain Michael Seablom, chief of science at NASA.

With this new contest they are looking for companies whose artificial intelligence systems help them create smarter, more autonomous ships, like their new rovers to explore planets. It is inevitable when reading these words to remember with dread of one of the most mythical science fiction movies in all history, 2001: An Odyssey in Space, although for now the problem of HALL is far away.

Representatives from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) meet to share their progress to protect Earth from the impact of an asteroid.

Not only artificial intelligence stars in this new NASA talent show. There are three technological areas in which companies and entrepreneurs can participate. Those who want to prove their worth must first submit documents that aim answer a specific research question or describe technologies that can be applied to a particular area of ​​specialization.

The contest is divided into three phases in which they will be invested up to $ 1,000,000 to promote the work of the contestants. Twenty working groups will pass to the second round, which must carry out a live presentation of your projects. Of these, only 10 will go to the last phase, in which they can get up to $ 80,000 to develop their projects

These are the main technological areas in which they should be applied:

  • Machine learning systems advanced and artificial intelligence for autonomous spacecraft and surface rovers, as well as for Earth observation and disaster management.
  • The advanced mass spectrometry for life detection and other scientific applications, using innovations in sampling technology and processes that include cutting-edge materials or components.
  • Quantum sensors that help to accurately assess gravity, magnetic fields, dark energy, among others.

The Entrepreneur Challenge will start on June 26th, deadline to submit the necessary documentation to participate in this contest.

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