NASA’s new rovers will vibrate so they don’t get stuck on Mars

NASA is powering its Rover exploration robots to explore corners of planets like Mars preventing them from getting stuck when the terrain is very sandy or full of rocks.

NASA still remembers when the Spirit rover got stuck on the surface of Mars until finally its battery said goodbye in a derived problem when its wheels were not prepared for a certain orography that escaped the technology of those times. That memorable moment was a severe setback for NASA in both public opinion and wasted economic investment, and they do not want the issue to repeat itself.

To prevent this from happening again, they report from The New York Times, that NASA engineers are already working in new rovers that have vibration in their body and wheels to avoid getting caught up in the orography of planets like Mars.

The advance has been made by the Georgia Institute of Technology that they are testing these rovers in a sand capsule and that they are able to get out of any trap simply with their vibration. For this, these robots would be able to shake and shake so that their wheels are not trapped in sandy terrain as you can see in the video.

The fact that they vibrate will not only allow these explorer robots to no longer get stuck in the ground losing millions of dollars along the way, but will also allow them to explore regions of Mars and other planets that are initially inaccessible, such as terrain slopes where these types of robots are less efficient.

It is likely that this new version of NASA’s Mars rover they can be one of the protagonists of future space missions that are developed throughout the present decade.

[Fuente: NYTimes]

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