Netflix has a new crime series that is sweeping

With 14 seasons, in 2013 the stage of the series Unsolved Mysteries was closed. More than 580 episodes investigating crimes, unsolved cases and narrated paranormal matters that achieved high audience shares. Now, Netflix rescues the format with the producer of Stranger Things behind the. And yes, it seems like it.

The documentary genre is especially good at Netflix. In addition to being interesting (Jim and Andy’s is a must), they almost always rank at the top of Netflix’s most watched content at their premiere. Precisely the same has happened with the new Unsolved Mysteries, the new Netflix crime series that has been placed in the top 10 of the most viewed.

In six episodes between 40 and 55 minutes long, the new Unsolved Mysteries tells us cases of disappearances, terrible murders and some paranormal themes in a docuserie format that, as we have been used to since Netflix, is exceptionally recorded.

And it could not be for less being behind the names that are … And, the creators of the original series are in the project (John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn) accompanied by one of the producers of Stranger Things, Shaw Levy.

If you put the crime theme together very well on Netflix and that Levy is a machine to create audience (and money), the result is that Unsolved Mysteries sneaks into the tops of the most watched Netflix. At the time of writing these lines he is ranked 7 in Spain, in fact.

LThe series is addictive and, with its format, it gets us fully into the plot, encouraging us to solve riddles that … well, that have no answer, but that make us ask ourselves questions and want more chapters even knowing that it is not a fictional series. But hey, the “magic” of Netflix in creating suspense in docuseries.

Do you like the police genre? If you are subscribed to Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video you can enjoy these police series. Take note!

It seems that we will have more episopdios, but if it falls short, remember that you have the Alcasser Case, The Ted Bundy tapes or The disappearance of Madeleine McCann on the platform, as well as a few other content (between series, films and documentaries) themed similar based on known cases. Well, and Tiger King, of course.

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