Netflix Uncovers Pictures From “Sex Education” Season 3 Set

Most fans and series lovers know that “Sex Education” did manage to begin its filming for the third and upcoming season in September 2020. After two successful seasons, “Sex Education” is now moving forward to treat its huge audience and viewers with the next part of the series.

“Sex Education” is one of the most popular British comedy-drama television series that happens to have a huge number of fans all around the world. Both previous seasons were indeed exciting and interesting to stream.

Since the first season did premiere in January 2019, the series keeps on getting more popular with each season passing by. As soon as the second season of “Sex Education” did premiere earlier this year, all the viewers were already demanding the third season.

It is sure that almost all the fans will get the excitement as Netflix did release the First Look of “Sex Education” Season 3. The streaming giant takes it to the official Twitter account to reveal the First Look. The caption says, “YOUR FIRST LOOK AT LIFE ON THE SET OF SEX EDUCATION S3”.

Have A Look At Netflix’s “First Look” For “Sex Education” Season 3

In the very first photograph that Netflix reveals, you can watch the “Sex Education” series actor Ncuti Gatwa (Eric Effiong) who happens to be wearing a mask while reading the scripts forward. As you all can see in the picture, it’s written, “18th September- Ncuti learning lines on an excellent sofa”.

While on the second picture, we can have a look at the series actor Patricia Allison (Ola Nyman) who happens to be sitting on a greenish grass while wearing a mask. “14th September- Trish when it was sunny” was what you can find written over her picture.

The third picture is only a white screen with some words. It says, “Hey, I’m Tanya Reynolds and I play Lily in Sex Education. I like to take photographs while we are waiting on set. I wanted to share some with you from behind the scenes of Season 3. More to come as the film develops. Be safe little aliens. XXX”.

Looking through the pictures, we can believe that all the cast members are working hard for the filming of “Sex Education” Season 3. We all are hoping for the next season to finish production soon and give out the official premiere date.

The upcoming season is indeed going to be an exciting and enjoyable experience with lots of twists to entertain everyone. Stay Tuned!!


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