Netflix’s “1899” From “Dark” Creators – Everything We Know So Far

It was only a little while ago when all the fans were sad to know that the popular series “Dark” is ending. But the amazing creators of the “Dark” series, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar were knowing then about their next project.

Yes, the series creators have been well aware of the upcoming series that they are going to direct.

You all must know that Netflix did announce that there will be the next series of the series creators entitled “1899”. It was in November 2018 when the streaming giant did make the announcement.

Netflix confirms that the next series will be a part of the duo’s entire deal with the streaming service. That is the reason why all the subscribers are going to enjoy another exciting and thrilling show from the Dark series creators.

Not only all the fans, as well as series lovers, are going to find the new and upcoming series enjoyable but also thrilling and full of surprises. The upcoming series, “1899” is currently too early in production.

But we surely know that there will be so many subscribers and fans who are going to seek the latest updates about the show’s development. It will be because of the duo that is going to be the creators of the upcoming show, “1899”.

What is the release date for “1899”?

Earlier, there were some reports that claim the “1899” series to hit Netflix in 2021. But we can now expect the series to start its production in April 2021 and wrap it in September 2021. So there are more chances for the series to premiere at some point in 2022.

It is sure that all the fans, as well as subscribers, will have to wait for some more time to hear about the release dates of “1899”. The upcoming series by the Dark series creators will indeed be so amazing and exciting to stream on Netflix.

Let us know in the comments how excited you are to watch the upcoming series, “1899” on Netflix.


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