Netflix’s “A Love So Beautiful” Season 1: Release Date, Plot, and More About This K-Drama

Netflix continues adding some amazing and interesting TV shows into the K-Drama series. Now, the streaming giant includes one of the popular Chinese streaming television series, “A Love So Beautiful”. The new adaptation for Netflix’s K-Drama series will be arriving this December to entertain all the viewers.

“A Love So Beautiful” is a Chinese Rom-Com series that happens to have the potential to become one of the most popular series that fans can stream on Netflix. It is an upcoming Netflix Original series that is the adaptation of the Chinese television streaming show that goes by the same name.

It is believed that if “A Love So Beautiful” is gaining half the popularity of its series adaptation. Then the Netflix K-Drama is going down as the most popular Netflix Original series. The original Chinses Romantic Comedy Drama series has over 4.3 billion views. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming K-Drama series that releases soon on Netflix.

When Will It Release?

As per reports, it is sure that the fans and viewers will only have to wait for a few days. The “A Love So Beautiful” series is all set to premiere its first episode on 28th December 2020. The series will run for 24 amazing and entertaining episodes with each episode around 20 minutes long.

Just like most other shows, “A Love So Beautiful” will be airing an episode per week. The episode release schedule for the first season of the series is already out. The series will be available to stream all over the world from 28 December onwards.

“A Love So Beautiful” Story Plot 

The story revolves around Shin Sol Yi, a bright and young high school student of Chun Ji High School who happens to have crossed 17. He has a huge crush on her fellow classmate Cha Heon who is somewhat clumsy. The story is about how Shin Sol Yi continues confessing his love while Cha Heon is trying her best to resist her feelings for him.

The series is indeed going to be an interesting and exciting watch. Do not forget to watch “A Love So Beautiful” as it releases on December 28, Monday.


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