Netflix’s “Better Call Saul” – Bob Odenkirk Had A Negative Impact From Season 1 Filming

Bob Odenkirk AKA Saul Goodman happens to be going through a rough time when filming “Better Call Saul” Season 1. The demanding filming schedule of the superhit series has had a negative impact on the talented actor. Here are all the details.

Recently, Bob Odenkirk, the leading cast member of “Better Call Saul” did reveal shocking facts. He did manage to mention that when the filming of “Better Call Saul” Season 1 was happening, it was the filming schedule that had a negative impact on him.

“Better Call Saul” is a spin-off as well as a prequel series to the most popular and legendary Netflix series, Breaking Bad. It was only after the Saul Goodman character gets immense popularity that the director thinks of making a solo series on the amazing character.

The “Better Call Saul” series follows a scumbag lawyer, Saul Goodman who happens to turn into a small-time attorney before he was all in for Walter White’s drug empire.

In the series, you can see how the character changes from Jimmy McGill, an Ex-con Artist to a mastermind full-blown criminal lawyer. After successfully completing 5 seasons, the “Better Call Saul” series is now on its way to the sixth season.

Season 1 Filming Negatively Impacts Bob Odenkirk

At a recent interview with Inside of You, Bob Odenkirk shares some details about the filming of “Better Call Saul” Season 1.  He shed some light on how he has to memorize tons of lines and that too in such a short time between the shooting of each episode. He did mention that it was all in order to meet the scheduled date for “Better Call Saul” Season 1 filming.

Bob Odenkirk says, “Yes, [I’ve hit a wall]. In the first season, well, first of all, I was in every scene. Except for one episode, I wasn’t in at all. But in every other thing, I was in every scene. It was f*cking nuts.”

After all this hard work, Bob Odenkirk did get huge success and popularity with his Saul Goodman character. Although Season 1 filming has a negative impact on Bob, it was all worth the fame.


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