Netflix’s “Friends” Will Soon Be Departing From Netflix Canada

Netflix’s one of the most popular and superhit sitcom series, “Friends” is now all set to leave Netflix Canada. Most fans as well as viewers are somewhat sad to know that they can not be able to watch their favorite series again on Netflix Canada.

All 10 seasons of “Friends” will be leaving soon on 31st December 2020. Here’s everything you need to know about “Friends” departing away from Netflix Canada this December.

“Friends”, as you all know is an American television sitcom series that happens to have billions of fans all around the world. The fanbase of the series keeps on growing with each year passing by. But now, NBC Sitcom’s 10 seasons in full will be leaving as soon as this month and year comes to an end.

Earlier, you all must have heard of the Netflix US losing all 10 seasons of “Friends”. It was almost a year ago and now Netflix Canada is facing this sad prospect. The series did manage to become immensely popular since the first season did premiere back on 22 September 1994. But the popular TV show has been streaming on Netflix Canada from 2015 onwards.

Did “Friends” Find A New Platform To Stream in Canada?

It comes as no surprise that the “Friends” series did manage to find a new streaming platform in Canada. Bell Media who happens to own Crave did announce that all the seasons of “Friends” will be going to be streaming on their popular platform. So “Friends” will be streaming on Bell Media after it will be leaving Netflix Canada from 31st December 2020 onwards.

It is currently uncertain to know what Warner Brothers Television has been keeping in the pipeline to tackle the Bell Media owning Crave. You must know that all the fans are currently watching their favorite episodes of “Friends” before it departs from Netflix Canada.


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