Netflix’s “Lucifer” Seasons 6 Adds Briana Hildebrand and Merrin Dungey

It is indeed an exciting piece of news to know that “Lucifer”, one of the most popular shows will be adding new cast members for its upcoming season. As per the recent reports from EW, we know that Briana Hildebrand and Merrin Dungey will be the new addition to the cast of “Lucifer” Season 6.

Yes, it is surely official now. Briana Hildebrand from Deadpool will be joining the cast along with the Alias star Merrin Dungey. Both the talented actresses are all set to make their way in for the upcoming and final season.

There is a number of fans as well as viewers who have been eagerly waiting for the sixth season of the “Lucifer” series. They are more than happy to know that there will be some new characters in the series.

“Lucifer”, as you all know is one of the most exciting and thrilling supernatural series that most people stream on Netflix. Since the first episode of “Lucifer” that did release back in January 2016, the show is immensely popular.

It is sure that the fanbase and viewers are increasing rapidly with each season passing by. You must know that the filming and production for the last season of “Lucifer” are currently ongoing.

All the viewers will witness Brianna Hildebrand play the character role of Rory. She happens to be a rebellious and insecure angel that will play a part in the next part. The upcoming season will also be bringing Merring Dungey, a talented and beautiful actress.

All of you will be watching Dungey portray the character role of a no-nonsense cop, Sonya. It is sure that the next part of the “Lucifer” series will be amazing. It will be more likely for Sonya to form a bond with Amenadiel in “Lucifer” Season 6.


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